CD BS Detector Update: We Have A Winner

It’s over. It’s all over. And we have a winner – Coach Mac! Looks like naming my bracket 40 & 0 wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had. But thanks to Jody, who’s sporting a Louisville Cardinal logo and has changed his name to 38-1, it’s all balanced out. Coach Mac did have DOOOOK going […]


So… We Videobombed Mike Matheny on Opening Night

Coach, we didn’t go into the night planning on videobombing you. But the location of the seats coupled with the camera angle during your interview… well… it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. We kept it classy, though. If you talk to Buster, let him know we’re sorry. Photo: Fox Sports


Scenes From Cardinals Opening Night @ Wrigley Field

Maddon makes his first mistake as Cubs skip; fits right in. Opening Day lineups were revealed early Sunday afternoon and more than one person noted that Jon Lester was slated to hit 8th. What have you done with our LaRussa, Joe? HUH? Turns out this was Mr. Maddon’s first big boner as the Cubs manager. […]


It’s Opening Day

It’s been 172 days since Travis Takashi Ishikawa took the inexplicably pitching Michael Wacha deep into the San Fransisco night and ended the Cardinals season. It’s felt longer than 172 days. Tonight, the Cardinals open their 134th season of play at Wrigley Field. Adam Wainwright versus Jon Lester. National ESPN brodcast. Fall Out Boy. Tim, couldn’t […]


The Lines At Busch Stadium This Year Will Be So LOOOOOOOONG

One simply does not ‘walk into’ Busch Stadium. +++++ Because ISIS has moved into the US and is looking for hot dog chompin’, beer swillin’ mid-westerners, Busch Stadium has installed metal detectors at every entrance. You guys? The lines this year are going to suuuuuuuuuuuck. “On the one hand, everybody will now have to go […]

The Friday Links

Sidd Finch + The Friday Links

I’ve been loving the 30 for 30 ‘Shorts’ lately. They’re the same basic premise of the 30 for 30 documentaries (and shot in the same docu-style), but generally cover stories that are bit weirder and only need about 15-25 minutes to tell. For April Fools Day, Grantland dropped the complete story of Sidd Finch. Now, […]


You Know How I Know You’re The Best Fans In Baseball?

My parents were nice enough to mail me the Cardinals preview sections from the local STL papers. And as I was flipping through one, I noticed an ad. This ad, specifically: This is an amazing ad. Here are my favorite parts of this ad: + They only made 10,000 of these. TEN THOUSAND! Picture Chaifetz […]


The Cardinals Break Spring Training This PM

At about 5p today, it’ll be over. Spring Training will have ceased to exist for the 2015 calendar year. The Cardinals do have their annual game against the AAA team in Memphis on Friday night before heading to Chicago for the regular season opener on Sunday night. Some notes to put a bow on the […]


Joe Strauss Thinks Jaime’s Injury Could Sideline Him All April

Joe Strauss, Post-Dispatch columnist, was on CBS Sports Radio 920 in St. Louis on Tuesday and made some interesting comments on Jaime Garcia: … Jaime Garcia isn’t ready to pitch. My understanding is we are very unlikely to see Jaime in St. Louis in the month of April and there are various reasons for that. […]


The Cardinals’ 25 Man Roster Is Set

Ladies and gentlemen… your 2015 St. Louis Cardinals! At least until an early season injury and or trade and or promotion and or demotion comes into play. But for this moment… your 2015 St. Louis Cardinals! Notes: + Once Jaime Garcia went on the DL, it assured Carlos Martinez of that 5th starter spot, if […]


What A Major League Batter Sees In The Box

If you’re like me, the extent of your baseball playing days ended around junior high. So when you hear broadcasters and commentators talk about players ‘not picking up the ball well’ or ‘looking to get their batter’s eye right’ – you know what they’re talking about… but not really. I’ve seen 90+ MPH in person. […]


No Change? No Change. How Kris Bryant Will Change Baseball…

Let’s say you were granted the ability to create an offensive baseball player to join your team in 2015. Starting totally from scratch. Anything you want – POOF – gets tossed in the mix. No questions asked. Nothing is off the table. Considering exactly 10 players hit more than 30 home runs during the 2014 […]