Adam Wainwright Has Some Sort Of Elbow Surgery

Friday afternoon is a dead zone for media. Most people are focused on wrapping up their week so they can get to whatever plans they have for the weekend. The usage rate for all media – TV, Radio, Internet… they all dip on Friday PM into the night. Dropping news releases during this time is […]


Your Guide To Joe Maddon: How Likely Is It He’s The New Cardinals Manager?

I think I already know the answer, but let’s make it official: Who Do You Want As Cardinals Manager In 2015? Mike Matheny Joe Maddon Another Manager Poll Maker Joe Maddon is a free agent. Joe Maddon is a 2X former AL Manager of the Year. Joe Maddon is awesome: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WojrT22i24U Let’s establish a few […]

The Friday Links

The Friday Links

When the Cardinals season came to a close, the more positive STL sports fans reminded us that the NFL season was in full swing and we better appreciate the Rammies while we’ve got ‘em. Heck – they just beat the defending Super Bowl Champs! Yeah, but um, it’s kind of hard to put your heart […]


Stadium Journey Reviews Every Ballpark In STL Cardinals System

You’re a Cardinals fan. So by proxy, you’re a Memphis fan. And a Springfield fan. And a Palm Beach, Peoria, State College and Johnson City fan. After all, that’s where the Baby Birds are hatching, right? Some of you might not have an interest seeing anything but the finished product… So our friends over at […]


2014 STL Cardinals Season Ending Awards

It’s time to put a bow on 2014 for the St. Louis Cardinals. The ending of the season still sucks. The manager is still under fire. And another 1/2 month of Royals love is still to be played out. The first step in the healing process or something. Most Valuable Player: Lance Lynn There was […]


Idea: Why Not Send Mike Matheny To The Minors?

It’s over. The 2014 Cardinals season ended last night with a Travis Ishikawa home run deep to right field off Mike Wacha (!), sending the Giants to the World Series. Sigh. I suppose it’d be one thing if the Giants had put a beating on the Birds the past week. We would be sad, sure, […]


NLCS GM 4: If You Don’t Learn From Mistakes…

In Illinois, the five pension systems have a $100 billion (yes, with a ‘b’) liability and the part that pays out public school teachers might run out of money as soon as 2029. Just remember that as you meet Stephen Preckwinkle and David Piccioli. The two men substitute taught in IL for one day each, […]



NLCS GM 3: Cardinals Choate One Away In 10th

Not a single thing you read/hear/see will make you feel better. It won’t. For every Kolten Wong walk-off home run, there is a Randy Choate wild throw. Sports can be the best thing ever on the good days and suck the happy out of every corner of your soul two days later. It’s why we […]


Yadier Molina On His Season: “It’s Not Over”

At the very most, the Cardinals have 12 games remaining. And while the Rams were showingcasing to a national audience just why everyone in St. Louis eschews America’s new past-time for its more antiquated brethren with sticks, one Yadier Molina was continuing his rehabilitation from an oblique strain. When queried from the press about his […]


NLCS GM 2: A Beautiful Disaster

EKG. Better known as the ‘Electro-Caridinals-Gram’. When’s the last time you were so high, so low and so high in the same game? OK, probably last Friday… but STILL – what a game; what a disaster. The Cardinals got a win and evened the series at 1. The permutations and machinations needed to get there […]