That Win Pretty Much Wrapped Up The Division

The Cardinals posted their 94th win of 2015 on Monday night, driving their magic number down to 9 with 12 games left to play. Math is not on the side of the Bucs. A 6-6 mark over the next 12 games means the Pirates would have to go 10-2 just to tie the Cardinals for […]


Yadier Molina Will Miss At Least 1 Week With A Thumb

Looks like you better move when Cubs slide. Yadier Molina has a slight tear in his thumb ligament on his left hand. He will be out at least one week, at which point he will be re-evaluated by the Cardinals to determine his availability for the postseason. The hope from the Cardinals (and all of […]


Just How Did This Road Trip Go For The Cardinals?

You can be of two schools after the Cardinals return home tonight from a 10 game road trip: 1. The Darkside Cardinals lost 2/3 series. Cardinals most important player is now injured with 9 days until October. Cubs straight up punk’d the Cards on Saturday after calling them out Friday. 2. The Brightside: Cardinals managed […]


For The First Time In 4,397 Days – Cards/Cubs Means Something

Since 1945, the Cubs have made the postseason 6 times (’84/’89/’98/’03/’07/’08). Barring an implosion never before seen in professional baseball, they’ll make that 7 times in 2015. I went back and looked at the final standings for all 6 seasons mentioned above to see just how close the Cardinals ended up to the Cubs as […]

The Friday Links

BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge + The Friday Links

You like cover songs? BBC Radio 1 has been killing, well, pretty much forever with their ‘Live Lounge‘ series. But lately a few of the songs have blown up state side. Here’s Disclosure w/ Sam Smith covering Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDCcC_psV24 I’d scroll through that playlist if you’re looking for some interesting music for your […]


Jon Jay & Mike Matheny Had A Rough Night On Twitter

The Cardinals look to have righted the ship (for the moment). They notched their 3rd win in succession last night. And with the Pirates loss, extended their NL Central lead to 4 games with 17 left to play. You might have noticed that Tommy Pham got a rare(ish) start. And that he did OK. Ever […]


Go Ahead And Pay That Man His Money, Mo

Let’s put aside the fact that the Cardinals wasted a spectacular start from Carlos Martinez and needed extra innings to stymie a Brewers team that is now 20 games below .500 and losers of 4 straight. Just forget that. Put in a box. Put the box in the basement. Close the basement door. And watch […]


Matt Adams Is Back

The baseball season is long. There was a time – during this season – when Cardinal fans were wondering out loud if Matt Adams was the solution at 1B; if he was blowing his shot at cementing his place as an every day, every at bat player. Interesting what 4 months of Mark Reynolds and […]


The Rams Are Valued Higher Than The Cardinals

Sorry about that clickbait headline… but it’s actually true*. Forbes has released it’s annual valuation of every NFL team and the Buffalo Bills are the least valuable franchise at 1.4B dollars. The Cardinals, ranked as the 6th most valuable MLB team, are right at that 1.4B mark as well. The Rams? 1.45B dollars. In case […]


Bad Beats In Cincinnati As The Seams Start To Show

Unless you’re a fan that subscribes to the theory of ‘teams that play really stressful games late in the season tend to do better in the playoffs’, then this past series in Cincinnati and pretty much September as a whole has sucked. The Cardinals have moved from a team that had the NL Central wrapped […]


Last Night Wasn’t Bad, It Just Didn’t Happen

So I’m at a business dinner last night. Nice people, but also people that I’ve only met a couple of times who are responsible for my livelihood. When you get into these dinners, it’s hard to roll like you do with friends and stare at your phone the whole meal. The only real way to […]

The Friday Links

Family Matters + The Friday Links

Key and Peele retired their self-titled Comedy Central show this week. What better time to re-post one of your favorite clips of 2014 – ‘Family Matters’? Now, if you don’t like dark, subversive humor, cussing and the TV show Family Matters… this isn’t the video for you. Go ahead and skip down for the weekly […]