30 Years Later, Don Denkinger Still Evokes Emotions

On Sunday night, after NLCS GM2 ended, the TBS post-game show ran a piece on the 30th anniversary of 1985 World Series GM6 (which will officially be next Monday, OCT 26th). More specifically on ‘the call’. This is the point where I’d normally embed the piece so everyone that missed it (i.e. pretty much everyone […]


Busch Stadium Ranks Highly On Year End Review List

Our friends over at Stadium Journey have been busy in 2015. They’ve built a database of over 2,200 stadium reviews from 51 countries. And just this year, they re-reviewed all 30 MLB stadiums. Today, the final rankings were released… was the worst stadium reviewed. Considering their sewage problems, that’s not much of a surprise, […]

The Friday Links

Nathan For You + The Friday Links

Like you, I’ve been pretty down this week. Last night, after watching the Mets advance to the NLCS to face the Cubs, I went to the DVR. I couldn’t take the post-game talking heads. You know what one of the best feelings is? When a show that’s been gone for a while comes back and […]


So It Wasn’t A Bad Dream After All

It’s been two days. It’s felt like two years. You ever seen a fire hydrant get opened up? A firefighter with a big wrench twists and twists and twists until suddenly – water explodes EVERYWHERE. That’s kind of like us. Only instead of water, there are thousands of weenie taps and stubbed toes raining down. […]


How Far Can Mike Matheny Take The 2016 Cardinals?

Are you a trend person? In 2013, the Cardinals lost 3 straight games and were eliminated in the World Series by the Boston Red Sox. In 2014, the Cardinals lost 3 straight games and were eliminated in the National League Championship Series by the the San Francisco Giants. In 2015, the Cardinals lost 3 straight […]


Did We Just Watch The Changing Of The Guard In The NL Central?

Our most honest self isn’t someone we want to see tonight. Or tomorrow. The rest of the month, for sure. +++++ The Cubs have beaten the Cardinals 3 games to 1 in the NLDS and will move on to face the Mets or Dodgers in the National League Championship Series, ending a run of 4 […]


Cardinals Rolling Out All The Offers In Case The Season Ends Today

Someone might want to holler at the Cardinals marketing department and let them know the Cardinals lost last night. We’re all collectively trying to regroup and get pumped back up for the game this PM. It’s not going to be easy – but I think we’ll get there. Probably around 2 or so, if I […]


Will The Cardinals Be Able To Come Back From The Brink?

After all the angst, all the teeth gnashing over Jake Arrieta the past two days, turns out he wasn’t a huge factor in GM3 of the NLDS. If you had told any Cardinals fan that he’d go 5 2/3 innings while surrendering 4 runs before yesterday’s game? Backflips. And Mike Wacha didn’t completely implode, making […]


The Cardinals Are Hearing Everything We Say – Can They Use It For Good?

You know what we don’t hear as much from professional athletes anymore? ‘I don’t read that stuff’ or ‘I don’t pay attention’. Specifically when asked about media attention/speculation/opinions. I suspect it’s because they physically can not NOT pay attention. Not that long ago, it wasn’t hard for an athlete to turn the car radio from […]


15 Years Ago Today, Eddie Vedder Trolled St. Louis

If you’re a St. Louis sports fan, it wasn’t a good weekend. The Cardinals shot themselves in the foot and gave away an NLDS game to the Cubs. The Blues still can’t solve the Minnesota Wild (the team that eliminated them from the 2015 postseason). And the Rams had opportunities to make it game in […]


Jaime Garcia’s Aching Tummy Puts Cardinals In NLDS Hole

Heartburn? Maybe diarrhea? Maybe. Very few ailments could come upon Cardinals NLDS GM2 starter Jaime Garcia that would be more appropriate to St. Louis fans current mood than ‘stomach virus’. Lasting just 2 innings, Garcia surrendered 5 runs (all unearned, but not really, since his poor defense was the main reason they were officially scored […]


Scenes From Cards/Cubs NLDS GM1

That was fun. After all the waiting. All the anticipation. All the excitement. We finally got some sweet playoff action between the Cardinals and Cubs. If you’re a fan of the St. Louis professional baseball team, then you adored last night’s game. Want to hug it and squeeze it and kiss it all over. Dominant […]