The Exact Moment Carlos Martinez Became My Favorite ’15 Cardinal

It wasn’t shaping up well Tuesday night for the Cardinals against the Pirates Carlos Martinez gave up 3 runs in the first 4 innings and needed 2 double plays to get out of jams later in the game. In total, 9 times the Pirates came to the plate with runners in scoring position Now if you’d […]


The Only Option Left Is To Grind Runs Home

In the top of the 2nd inning during Sunday’s game against the Brewers, Jason Heyward led off with a double against Jimmy Nelson. The Cardinals were gunning for a sweep and putting a run up early against a team that hadn’t scored all weekend to that point would have been big. Randal Grichuk comes up […]


Observations From My First Time At Miller Park

Made it to Miller Park for the very first time on Sunday afternoon. The Cardinals played the Brewers in baseball. Here are some observations and pics: 1) It’s a tall stadium, this Miller Park. And now that I’ve been to Milwaukee for the first time, I think it might be one of the tallest buildings […]

The Friday Links

Bubble Blowers + The Friday Links

The internet has everything. I thought I remembered a video from Gizmodo this week with a bubble machine, so I searched for it on YouTube and found this guy instead. Hope you enjoyed. And now the Friday Links… Is he wrong, though? LINK HERE Good bossing. LINK HERE Problem solved. LINK HERE Mambo #5. […]


Cardinals Win And Finally Get To 30 Games Over .500

The Cardinals have been teasing the 30 games over .500 mark for a couple of weeks now, but finally got there with a 3-0 win over the Reds Thursday afternoon. Next stop, +35. And with the Brewers on tap for 3, the Cardinals can do some more work towards locking up the best record in […]


The Cardinals Are Terrible Against Aroldis Chapman

I got put down a rabbit hole. I knew it was bad. D Goold typed a bunch of words about it. But being a Cardinals apologist, I tried to dig into the stats and find a silver lining. It didn’t go well. 2015: 1 for 17 so far this season, with the lone hit being […]


Brandon Moss Gets Real; Cardinals Fans Should Probably Worry

The St. Louis Cardinals rank 24th in home runs. They rank 18th in slugging. A poor week (like the one they’ve already started) could plummet these rankings even lower. This is a team that lacked offensive punch before the trading deadline. And if you think Brandon Moss was going to help the problem, then he’s got […]


Busch Stadium Has Installed Retina Scanners In Clubhouse

Inspired by Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’s huge opening weekend? The St. Louis Cardinals appear to have been. Because now the Busch Stadium clubhouse has installed retina scanners: Your browser does not support iframes. That’s for real. The Cardinals are believed to be the first MLB team with iris biometric screening. It’s not immediately clear when […]


Let’s Try Something New With Kozma And Cruz

The Cardinals sport the best record in baseball and will be playing games in October because, you know, that’s what they do. Meanwhile, 29 other teams are in fights of varying winability for postseason positions. Unfortunately, not everyone can make the tournament. Some franchises are worse than others when it comes to competing for championships. To […]


Cardinals Check Off Rockies; Have A Week Ahead

It’s the time of year when you start checking off teams. The Cardinals and Rockies will not play again in 2015, finishing the season series with 4 wins and 3 losses on the ledger for St. Louis. With a current record of 44-59 the Rockies will not be participating in postseason baseball, disappointing fans of […]

The Friday Links

Entering 1,000 Contests + The Friday Links

So it’s trading deadline day. You’re stressed. Will the Cardinals make another move? They have to make another move, right? Will the Cubs or Pirates improve themselves? The Giants and Nationals aren’t messing around this year. Everyone is on the block! Why can’t we get someone?! Anyone?! AHHHHHH. Let’s take your mind off it for […]

Cardinals Acquire Moss Prior To Deadline, Fortify MLB-Best Roster Entering August

As the Major League Baseball trade deadline approaches, the St. Louis Cardinals were forced to make a move due to outfielder Matt Holliday’s injury Wednesday night. Luckily for the Redbirds, they were able to strike a deal relatively quickly with the Cleveland Indians, bringing in Brandon Moss for pitching prospect Rob Kaminsky. Moss has struggled […]