Looks Like Busch Stadium Is Hard To Ball-Hawk In

Zack Hample has collected over 9,000 foul/homerun/batting practice baseballs, including beauts like A-Rod’s 3,000th hit and Mike Trout’s 1st home run. He’s so good at ball-hawking, he’s written a book on the subject. I was down the YouTube rabbit hole when I came across a vlog he posted from Busch Stadium about 10 months ago. Turns […]

The Friday Links

Rolls Royce Hood Ornaments + The Friday Links

This is what a Rolls Royce hood ornament looks like: Classy, right? So classy, in fact, they don’t even call it a hood ornament, they call it ‘The Spirit of Ecstasy’. With a name like that, ever wonder why you don’t hear about these things getting stolen? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj53HuWBfjE It’s good to be rich. Now, The […]


The Cardinals Have Missed Playing The Astros

In the span of less than 24 hours, the Cardinals went into Houston, scored 16 runs, took down 2 wins and peaced it to Philly. It was a mugging. Quick and brutal. The Astros are probably still in Minute Maid Field looking around at each other with their arms up in the air wondering what […]

Cardinals Fans In Houston Brought It Tonight

The finish to the 2016 Cardinals season has yet to be written. For all we know, 2 1/2 months from now confetti could be floating down from Market Street skyscrapers and #12in16 could be a reality. Entering Tuesday night’s game against the Houston Astros in Minute Maid Park, though, the Cardinals’ season hasn’t been anything […]


Cardinals Rank #16 On ‘Stadium Index’ For Fans

We get stuff in our ‘inbox’. Sometimes that stuff is interesting. Here’s an infograph from the people at Couponbox.com with something called the ‘Stadium Index’ where they looked at the prices for 2 premium tickets, 4 hot dogs and 4 drinks across all 30 MLB stadiums. They did not pay for this post, they just sent […]


A Very Good 2 And 2 Split

After Friday afternoon’s 13-2 mollywhopping, you could feel the gravitational pull of the drain the Cardinals’ season was circling. They’d just lost their second star player to a broken hand after being hit by a pitch. Their ace had just turned in the


Everything Ends Badly, Otherwise It Wouldn’t End

1-1. 2 outs. No runners on. Top of the 10th. Cubs reliever Mike Montgomery throws a high and tight 94 MPH fastball to Matt Holliday that the Cardinals slugger tries to awkwardly dodge. He can’t get out of the way and the ball fractures his right thumb. A season on the brink just shuffled closer […]


August Has Come; Brought Injuries To Cardinals

UPDATE (8/12): Matt Holliday has been added to this list with a fractured right thumb. +++++ The dog days of summer are here. Seems like every other day I’m getting a note from the Cardinals telling me that they’ve put another player on the disabled list (DL). The MLB transaction wire in August proves my […]


Baseball Is Hard: The Beginning, The Middle & The End

Alex Reyes made his Major League Baseball debut last night for the St. Louis Cardinals. The hype couldn’t get hype-ier. Fans were at 100. And then Reyes took the mound and over delivered. He gave us 101, to be exact… Normally a brutal loss to a bad team at home in the midst of chasing a playoff […]


Should The Cardinals Sign Tim Tebow?

What? You thought we weren’t going to ride this clickbait train like every other sports blog in the universe? I mean you’re here right now. You’re reading this. If anything, YOU’RE responsible for Mr. Tebow’s foray into baseball. Kidding. It’s on us. If Tebow signs with St. Louis – WOOO BOY. This blog might crack […]


This Team

Down 4-0 in the bottom of the 9th to the woeful Cincinnati Reds, the Cardinals batted around and won Monday night’s game 5-4 with a walk-off hit by pitch. This team. 2 singles. 3 walks. 2 hit by pitches. 5 runs. All in the bottom of the 9th. Whatever it takes! Here’s all the game analysis […]


John Gotti Just Got Arrested While Wearing A Cardinals Hat

After a meek, uninspired 7-0 loss to the very bad Reds, the Cardinals street cred was low. Real low. Then John Gotti, grandson and namesake of the late ‘Teflon Don’ John Gotti, got arrested while wearing a pretty sweet St. Louis Cardinals hat. In what the NYPD are dubbing ‘Operation Beach Party’, Gotti got popped with […]