Cardinals Announce ’16 Caravan Dates/Destinations

The Cardinals Caravan is back for 2016. What is the Cardinals Caravan? It’s a chance for fans not in St. Louis to meet some of the players, coaches and personalities associated with the team. From the Cardinals: Join us for the chance to talk baseball and meet current players, Cardinals Alumni and broadcasters. There will […]


The Bachelor Live Blog: Episode 1

Tried. Can’t. If you thought the CD Bachelor Live Blog was dead. It’s not. We’re back. It’s a sickness. Sorry. Not sorry. This is the 20th season of The Bachelor. We will be following the love story of one Ben Higgins, who is amazing. From his bio: While only 26, Ben is wise beyond his years. […]


Dan Haren’s Twitter Tell-All Includes Hotdogging Home Run Off Chris Carpenter

Dan Haren was on fire today. The former Cardinals 2nd round pick (2001 | RD 2 | 72nd overall) recently retired and decided it was time to speak on some truth via Twitter. A smattering: But the Tweet that Cardinals Nation raised an eyebrow at was this: Let’s go to the video: Upon further […]


Cardinals Announce 2016 Winter Warm-Up Autograph Prices

It’s an annual tradition! The Cardinals will put Winter Warm-Up autograph tickets up for sale tomorrow (JAN 5) @ 10a CT. Today, though? We can take a look at how the Cardinals perceive the value of their own players. For instance, Matt Adams ($25) is 5X more valuable than Brandon Moss ($5)? This may or […]


Busch Stadium Updating Video Boards For 2016

Busch Stadium is getting new video boards. Hard to believe, but HDTV hasn’t been the standard for broadcasting all that long. For some perspective: as best I can tell, FOX didn’t start airing the NFL in HD until 2006. Busch III was opened in 2006. It was probably time for an upgrade. In the past […]

The Friday Links

New Movies + The Friday Links

The next month or so is going to be big for good movies. Chances are you’ve already seen (and liked) ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. But two new movies from the best people working in cinema are on deck. First, opening today, is Charlie Kaufman’s new flick ‘Anomalisa’. He’s the guy who wrote ‘Being John Malkovich’, […]


How’d We Miss This Rick Ankiel Song?

The CD has always been a clearinghouse for all things Rick Ankiel. So it’s with embarrassment that we face the fact that a Rick Ankiel song was released this summer and we’re just now hearing it for the first time. No excuses. We muffed it. Better late than never, though. So please enjoy ‘Rick Ankiel’ […]


Looking Ahead To 2016 So We Can Look Back On 2006

You’ve got to be tired of the ‘best of 2015′ and ‘looking back’ lists. No? So let’s look ahead to 2016, where one of the big season long celebrations will be remembering the 2006 World Series. Time flies. And it’s already been a decade since that 83 win team that eked into the playoffs, messed […]


Some St. Louis Cardinals New Year’s Toasts for 2016

Improbably, we’ve all made it another year. *Cheers* 2016 will be here before the end of the week, so now is the time to toast the ones we love. Here are some New Year’s toasts for a select few in the Cardinals universe for 2016. +++++ To Jedd Gyorko: Here’s to you getting your named […]


The Top Cards Diaspora Articles of 2015

2015 is wrapping up. I don’t look at our site analytics all that often. I know that’s a terrible ‘best practice’. I know that looking at the data could inform better editorial direction and increase traffic. But this is a hobby. People will read stuff if they want to. Or they won’t. At the end […]


A Random 1986 Cardinals Fight Annotated

YouTube knows me. I forget what clip I was watching, but the video below was suggested to watch next. The greatest baseball fight? Featuring the Cardinals? Yes, please. Some thoughts… 0:20 Al Hrabosky is on the call?! I can’t be 100% sure it’s him, but according to Wikipedia, he started broadcasting Cardinals games in […]


Joe Strauss Tribute Articles Compendium

Early Sunday AM, St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Joe Strauss died. From the AP: Post-Dispatch sports editor Roger Hensley told The Associated Press that Strauss’s wife called him early Sunday to say Strauss had died that day at a St. Louis hospital from complications related to leukemia. I did not know Mr. Strauss outside of reading […]


On The 12th Day Of Cardinals Crapmas

Cardinals fans, bless their hearts, are easy marks for the retail snipers of BIG BUSINESS. They know you know it’s hard to go wrong with a Cardinals themed gift for a friend, co-worker or loved one. So they make literally anything you could ever buy into a ‘great gift for Cardinals fans’ and it’s in […]


Rank Them: Best Beatles Songs Of All Time

Overnight The Beatles entire catalogue of music was uploaded to your favorite streaming service. Merry Christmas, everybody! So let’s see what the group thinks are the best Beatles songs of all time. Go through the list below and give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the 50 songs chosen. BTW – I might have […]