The Friday Links

Broad City + The Friday Links

I’m on the hunt for new TV shows. Why? Ever load up the DVR and get the feeling like you’re about to do work, not relax? I need some fresh blood. So I started cruising around the webs to see who could make the cut. Broad City, people. Broad City. (This is where I’d embed […]


How Will You Remember The Tim Cooney Era?

Today Adam Wainwright was supposed to be on the mound pitching the series finale against the Phillies on a beautiful St. Louis day. Instead he was in post-op, recovering from achilles surgery and a young lefty by the name Tim Cooney was called up from AAA to make his MLB debut to try and plug […]


Cardinals Sue Non-Profit For Alleged Ticket Scalping Scheme

You can’t be bad and have ticket controversies. The Cardinals are good. They have been good. They will continue to be good. And people will pay a premium for good seats on good days to watch good teams. The Lewis & Clark Baseball League knew (knows) this. And if you believe the allegations that the […]


The Funk Is Hanging Over The Cardinals – Tom Hanks Is Here To Help

Here’s the text I sent out to a small group around 10:15a on Sunday morning: Could have been rich, boys. Could have been rich. The Cardinals dropped the official guillotine a few hours before the game against the Phillies last night – Adam Wainwright – our ace – will be out of commission until spring […]


Let’s Have Better NL Designated Hitter Arguements

If you Google ‘the future’, around 87 million results can be found. As a human populous, we’re fascinated with all things that have yet to happen. We wonder about the future. We talk about the future. We count on the future. No matter how hard we try, though, we just won’t ever be able to […]


The Blues

Ed Note: This is about hockey. If you don’t care about hockey, you can skip this one… This past week, Jack White (of The White Stripes) made a six-figure donation to National Blues Museum that’s under construction in downtown STL. The donation will fund a museum feature called MIX IT UP, an interactive experience that […]


Adam Wainwright Lost For 2015 Season

The Cardinals are currently 12-4 with their next 5 games against 2 of the worst teams in baseball. They are in striking distance of once of the best Aprils in team history. So why’s everybody like: Adam Wainwright has been officially placed on the 15-day disabled list as of Sunday morning. He will have an […]


Chris Rock On Race In Baseball

This is a few days old now, but worth the watch. Chris Rock on the state of race in baseball for HBO’s ‘Real Sports’. And yes, the Cardinals & STL get a special shoutout around the 1:08 mark. Photo: NBC


Cardinals Pitching Has Been Bonkers In 2015

You guys, the Cardinals pitching has been ridiculous this season. #1 in ER (29, next closest is 44) #1 in ERA (2.06, next closest is 2.81) #1 in RUNS (32, next closest is 47) #1 in BAA (.209, next closes is .215) Mike Wacha has made 3 starts. His opponents? Johnny Cueto (’14 All-Star, ’14 […]

The Friday Links

The New Football Stadium + The Friday Links

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the video that the #STLNFL group presented to the NFL this week regarding the new riverfront stadium plan: A couple of things here: 1) Damn STL looks good in virtual reality! 2) What is ‘In-Seat Digital Display’ (1:39 mark)? They’re going to run instant replay OVER the […]


Wong Went Ahead And Had Himself A Night

Alright, now. Do your thing Kolten Wong. LINK HERE He pretty much strapped his teammates on his back last night and carried them to a win against a team that many picked to represent the NL in World Series. Tre-men-dous game. We even got some e-mail about Mr. Wong… OK, I’m finally on the Kolten […]


Matt Adams Not Off To The Ideal Start

It’s fair to say that the Cardinals had questions about Matt Adams. Signing Mark Reynolds served a duel purpose: 1) Let Matt Adams know that he’s going to have to earn his playing time in 2015 and that if he doesn’t perform, the team has viable options to replace him on a regular basis. 2) […]