Report: Jim Edmonds To Join Cast Of Real Housewives Of Orange County

October. 2004. Jim Edmonds was making this play. Cementing himself as a St. Louis Cardinals legend. January. 2014. Jim Edmonds is going to be on Real Housewives of Orange County. Yes, the Bravo franchise. How did we get here? What are we doing? Reports claim that former MLB star Jim Edmonds and his wife Meghan, […]


St. Louis Offically The Best Baseball Town In America

At least as official as it can be, right? I mean, let’s talk turkey here for a second.. 1) Yes, Bud is retiring and he’s done as the Commissioner of MLB – BUT – it’s not like every single person at MLB is going with him. Senior leadership? Some will go. Others will stay. If’s […]


Founder Of Cards Diaspora On Today Show

Not many people know; fewer people care. But Cards Diaspora way, way, way back in the day was a one man show. Run by none other than Ryan Van Bibber. It was a good site. A respected site. Then, somehow, I got involved. And 8 years later, I’m here serving up a semi-regular dose of […]


When Will The Cubs Have Bleachers Again?

Exactly 0 people actually believed that the Cubs were going to have the Wrigley Field bleachers good to go on Opening Day ’15. And this past weekend, they made it official. May 11th is the new date the contractors are shooting for. I thought even the revised date sounded pretty aggressive, so I headed over […]


Tony LaRussa Is At Winter Warm-Up? Seriously?

Ok. Really? I feel like I’ve written this before – The evening with TLR – LINK HERE The party at Busch Stadium – LINK HERE The merchandise – LINK HERE The STL Cards HOF induction – LINK HERE The media guide – LINK HERE What is the world is LaRussa doing at the Winter Warm-Up […]


Anthony Rizzo Predicts Cubs Will Win NL Central In 2015

From Bernie: Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo says the Cubs will win the NL Central in 2015. “It’s going to happen this year,” Rizzo told CBS in Chicago. “It’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to play, we’re going to win the NL Central. Quote me on that. We should be the team, with […]


You Excited For The Cardinals Top 10 Prospects?

Some people LOVE MiLB. If I lived in a city like Memphis or Nashville or Louisville where MiLB was going to have to be my live baseball fix, I’d probably love MiLB. But I grew up in St. Louis, so if things were going on that didn’t involve the Cardinals, I cared, but not really. […]


Some Perspective On Those #STLNFL Stadium Estimates

One way or another the Rams Professional Football Team will be playing in a new stadium before the end of the decade. It could be in St. Louis. It could be in Los Angeles. We’ll probably get a definitive answer in the next 12 months or so. As a St. Louisan who was too young […]


Cardinals 2015 TV & Radio Schedule For Spring Training

The Cardinals have announced the TV/Radio schedule for 2015 Spring Training games and you can find all the information in the chart below. All games will be see on FSN (Fox Sports Midwest) and heard on KMOX (1120 AM in STL). Other affiliates for TV and Radio can be found by clicking those links. More […]


Tim McCarver Signs On To FSN Cardinals Broadcasts For 2015

Did you enjoy Tim McCarver on your Cardinals telecasts in 2014? Doesn’t matter. He’s coming back in 2015. FSN and McCarver have agreed to basically the same deal for 2015 that he had last year. 30 games working with Dan McLaughlin doing play-by-play. No one is more happy about this than STLToday.com media columnist Dan […]

The Friday Links

The Friday Links + Pug Lord

This is from 2 years ago, it looks like… but for some reason it was on FX last night. I chuckled. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prm8QwEUba4 So there you go. Hope you enjoyed that. I’ll be getting an email this PM from my mom telling me that was stupid. But I bet she liked the part where he was […]


The Cardinals Hot Stove Is Not Only Back On – It’s Scorching Hot

I’ll be the first to admit it – I figured the hot stove was all but extinguished for the Cardinals. Sure, if Mo had the opportunity to add a cheap veteran pitcher right before or during spring training – he’d probably take a flyer. But as a far as blockbuster moves? Nah. What. Is. Going. […]


James Shields Is Coming To The Cardinals?

The Cardinals have had a good off-season that could easily turn into a superb off-season when it’s all said and done. All things considered… They acquired Jason Heyward and Jordan Walden from the Braves. They found a 1B platoon with Mark Reynolds. They shored up the bullpen with Matt Belisle. This was an elite NL team […]


Cardinals Great John Smoltz Elected To Baseball Hall of Fame

Another year, another Cardinal in the Hall of Fame. Yawn. John Smoltz played for Atlanta and Boston before earning his HOF bonafides in St. Louis. And the shameless pandering by Cooperstown to continually ride the gravy train that is Cardinal Nation is kind of pathetic, right? +++++ This is the part where you’re trying to […]