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Errol Morris Week + The Friday Links

Maybe you’re already on Errol Morris week over at Grantland. But if not, you’re in for a real treat. The filmmaker has created 6 new short sports documentaries for the site and they’re all uniquely awesome in their own way. From the story of becoming the first Mr. Met to stealing Michael Jordan’s over sized […]


Drew Magary Trolling Cardinals Fans on Deadspin – Again

The first preseason game hasn’t even been played, but Deadspin’s Drew Magary is out with his first Cardinals flame-column of the year. Bob Nightengale of the USA Today wrote a puff piece on the Cardinals “boring” way. He compared the Cardinals to the San Antonio Spurs. John Mozeliak said about his team “vanilla are our […]


The St. Louis Cardinals Eat Bibimbap

Imo’s. Toasted ravs. Gus’ Pretzels. Last year, over 500,000 St. Louisians went to a place called Lotawata Creek who’s website claims that they “{g}rind over 3 tons of fresh ground beef each month to make the best and biggest burgers in town.” So when it comes to food, the gateway to the west… is the […]


The Week that Was In Cardinals Spring Training (Part II)

You’ve got a job. Maybe kids. Maybe school. And 1,000 other things to worry about – it’s hard keeping up with all the stories coming from practice baseball camp in Florida. We’re here to help. Let’s take a look at the news that made news this past week that was in Cardinals spring training. Story: […]

The Friday Links

Leon Bridges + The Friday Links

Music is an intensely personal thing. So it’s hard for me to sit here and say a song/artist is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or any other adjective. That’s up to your ears and brain. But the other day I did come upon a song and was surprised to find that said song I thought was from […]

2006 World Series Tickets

The 2006 World Series Scandal – Still Going?

ELI5 is a popular sub-Reddit. It means ‘Explain It Like I’m 5′ and it hosts a bunch of interesting topics where people that are experts (or at least claim to be) explain things to everyone it the most simple way possible. Just like you’d talk to a 5 year-old. If all our cells are replaced […]


Adam Wainwright Leaves Camp To Have Ab Pain Examined In STL

Deep breath, everyone. In. Out. In. Out. We good? Adam Wainwright has left spring training in Jupiter to come back to St. Louis and get his ongoing abdominal pain examined, reports Derrick Goold. Apparently this doesn’t effect his throwing, just his working out. The team hopes to know Thursday just how much time Wainwright will […]


The Most Interesting Man In Jupiter Is Named Jaime

Jaime. When you look him up on Baseball-Reference and scroll down to the always fun ‘similar pitchers’ feature, and see his top result, you can’t help but chuckle. It’s Mark Prior, because, of course it is. Remember – Baseball-Reference isn’t Sports Pickle or The Onion – they’re not trying to be funny. This is just […]


The Week That Was In Cardinals Spring Training

The news is coming fast and furious from Jupiter, Florida. Why don’t we take a look at the news that made news this past week in Cardinals baseball. Story: Kozma is going to catch. #HOTTake: I wonder if Peter dreams about being a 5M/yr SS in a place like Houston or Minnesota when he goes […]

The Friday Links

Oscar Predictions + The Friday Links

The Oscars are this Sunday. Let’s make some predictions: Best Picture: Boyhood Best Actor: Michael Keaton Best Actress: Julianne Moore Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette Director: Richard Linklater I have not seen a single movie that any of these winners come from. But I did see Gone Girl and since then have […]


The 2015 MLB Over/Unders Are Here

You know what Las Vegas doesn’t like? Losing money. So you better believe that when they put out their MLB ‘Over/Unders’ for the season, some thought has been put behind it. Yes, it’s true they’re looking to get even money on both sides of the number. At the same time, though, the easiest way to […]


Cardinals Didn’t Spend Offseason On Twitter

So the offseason, for all intents and purposes, is over. Players are reporting to camp in Jupiter. All pitchers and catchers are due by Thursday and workouts start on Friday. Baseball season is nigh. Over at FanGraphs they decided to take a look at how the teams spent the offseason on Twitter. How’d the Cards stack […]