Jamie Garcia Leads Monday Ramblin’s…

From the swallow hard department: Jaime Gracia looks unbelievable this season. His gem on Friday night was as good a pitching performance as we’ve seen a Cardinals player have in 2015 and that’s a very high bar. He’s now started 5 games and has and ERA of 2.06. He’s walked only 5 in 35 innings […]

The Friday Links

100 Places of Dance + The Friday Links

Kids in high school these days, man. They do stuff. And not, like, the same kind of stuff that we did. Real stuff. This particular kid is living his ideal life on YouTube. And his latest video is pretty dope. All I did was try and beat Oregon Trail. Which you can play right here. […]


The Top 5 Picks Of The ’15 STL Cards Draft

We’ve often maintained the position around these Internet mean streets that we don’t give much of a rip about MiLB baseball. Unless they’re helping the St. Louis Cardinals win baseball games… they’re not helping the St. Louis Cardinals win baseball games. See ya when you make it to the show. We’ll write stupid things about […]


Cardinals Entering The Danger Zone

Already ballin’ on borrowed time, the Cardinals went to Denver and lost as many games (2) as stars to the DL (2). How about a little soundtrack for the rest of this post? Take it away Kenny… The Cardinals have a day off on Thursday before starting 7 games straight against 2 of the […]


The Slow Revelation Is The Cruelest Revelation

I didn’t want to look either, Pete. None of us did. But there was Matt Holliday pridefully walking off the field in Denver under (mostly) his own power, showing no weakness. Because Matt Holliday does not show weakness. Since his first full season with the Cardinals in 2010, Holliday has played in 788 of 868 […]


Will Yadier Molina Hit A Home Run In 2015?

The Cardinals are not a powerful team. This is not news to you. As of Monday’s games: 41 team home runs (26th in MLB) .390 slugging (16th in MLB) 158 extra base hits (16th in MLB) 781 fly balls (21st in MLB) It’s hard to bitch about anything when a team is 38-19 (on pace […]


The All Vin Scully Team Includes 3 Cardinals

The Cardinals have finished their season series with the Dodgers (posting a winning 5-2 record) which is nice. On the other hand… no more Vin Scully unless the Cards meet Los Angeles in the playoffs. Which is not so nice. Rick Hummel of the Post-Dispatch caught up with Mr. Scully and asked him if he’d […]


The Story Of That STL Cards VW Van

That VW bus. Or van. Or whatever you want to call it. You’ve seen it out in front of Busch Stadium and tooling around St. Louis during the summer, right? It’s pretty dope. And now the Belleville News-Democrat has tracked down the owner for a little background: “Made from dish towels,” said Jim, who bought […]


Exploring The Local STL Cardinals Ads

Ed Note: This is a special guest post from friend of the site, John Madigan. If you’re ever inspired to write something on the Cardinals, let us know… I live out of the St. Louis market, so I have to subscribe to the DirecTV package that carries Fox Sports Midwest. No big deal. Although I […]

The Friday Links

Meg Myers + The Friday Links

Alt-Radio loves loves LOVES attractive female rockers. All the better if they’re good at, you know, music. And it looks like everyone is getting on the Meg Myers bandwagon in a big way. I’ve heard ‘Sorry’ roughly 1200X in the past week, so it appears that Warner Brothers has focused in on Ms. Myers as […]


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Cardinals Play Bad, No Good Baseball Game

There’s no chance that the Cardinals front office has ordered the offense to surrender when Jaime Garcia starts, right? A weird recompense for all the time missed the past few seasons? No? You’re TOTALLY sure? Garcia has now started 3 games in 2015 and the Cardinals have been shutout in 2 of them. But these […]