Cardinals Play A Personality Series Against Cincinnati

Ask a Cardinals fan what they thought about this past weekend’s series against the Cincinnati Reds and you’re going to find out about their personality real quick. If they start off with ‘2 of 3 in a series on the road is always a good thing’ or ‘damn did Wacha and Martinez look good’ then you’re […]


TLR Can’t Quit STL; LaRussa To Attend Cardinals Opening Day

Wow. Kind of like an open marriage, who are we to judge. If everyone’s happy with the arrangement, then everyone’s happy with the arrangement. Haven’t you heard? Tony LaRussa is coming back for Opening Day on Monday. And no, the Cardinals aren’t playing against his current employer, the Arizona Diamondbacks. They’ll be in San Diego […]

The Friday Links

Bathroom Lines @ Wrigley + The Friday Links

All I can vouch for is my personal experience. I know others had profoundly different ones. But on Opening Day, I went to the Wrigley Field restrooms 3 separate times and each time it took me less than 10 minutes. Could the lines have been better/faster? Yes. Were there some people that missed more than […]


Let’s Talk About That Pickoff Throw For A Minute

I had literally just left a co-workers office. Jorge Solar had tripled and stood on third base in a cold and wet Wrigley Field. At this point (4th inning), we knew that runs were going to be at a premium. Lynn pitches around Tony Rizzo (smartly) and sets up the double play. But he gets […]


Yadier Molina Is So Tiny I Thought He Was The Bat Boy

You guys – I’m not making this up. I was at the game Sunday night and I thought the bat boy was walking up to the plate before I realized that it was Yadier Molina. Yes. I mistook the best catcher of his generation for a bat boy. He’s. So. Tiny. You’ve seen him, right? […]


Cardinals Festoon Waffle Sandwich On Unsuspecting Fans

One of the nice things about rooting for a team like the Cardinals is that they’re long on winning and short on gimmicks. The things that other teams have to do to lure fans out to the ball yard are varied and numerous. An old workhorse the past few years has been gimmick food. For […]


Tuesday Night Cardinals/Cubs Game Postponed

Why has the Cardinals v Cubs game for Tuesday has been postponed? Fear, probably. But the official scorebooks will most likely blame the weather. It’s April 7th. In Chicago. And MLB is scheduling back-to-back night games. The odds of this happening weren’t low. Let’s go to the Twitter for some reaction: Conspiracy theory – More […]


CD BS Detector Update: We Have A Winner

It’s over. It’s all over. And we have a winner – Coach Mac! Looks like naming my bracket 40 & 0 wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had. But thanks to Jody, who’s sporting a Louisville Cardinal logo and has changed his name to 38-1, it’s all balanced out. Coach Mac did have DOOOOK going […]


So… We Videobombed Mike Matheny on Opening Night

Coach, we didn’t go into the night planning on videobombing you. But the location of the seats coupled with the camera angle during your interview… well… it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. We kept it classy, though. If you talk to Buster, let him know we’re sorry. Photo: Fox Sports


Scenes From Cardinals Opening Night @ Wrigley Field

Maddon makes his first mistake as Cubs skip; fits right in. Opening Day lineups were revealed early Sunday afternoon and more than one person noted that Jon Lester was slated to hit 8th. What have you done with our LaRussa, Joe? HUH? Turns out this was Mr. Maddon’s first big boner as the Cubs manager. […]


It’s Opening Day

It’s been 172 days since Travis Takashi Ishikawa took the inexplicably pitching Michael Wacha deep into the San Fransisco night and ended the Cardinals season. It’s felt longer than 172 days. Tonight, the Cardinals open their 134th season of play at Wrigley Field. Adam Wainwright versus Jon Lester. National ESPN brodcast. Fall Out Boy. Tim, couldn’t […]


The Lines At Busch Stadium This Year Will Be So LOOOOOOOONG

One simply does not ‘walk into’ Busch Stadium. +++++ Because ISIS has moved into the US and is looking for hot dog chompin’, beer swillin’ mid-westerners, Busch Stadium has installed metal detectors at every entrance. You guys? The lines this year are going to suuuuuuuuuuuck. “On the one hand, everybody will now have to go […]