A Quick Word About Fredbird’s Birthday & Those Other Mascots

Caveat – I get it… it’s not meant for me. It’s for the KEEEDS. But I just don’t get it. 1) If you’re a fan of the Cardinals and you’re trying to brainwash your kids into being fans of the Cardinals, why introduce other characters they might like better, like a moose or cat? 2) […]


Cardinals End Up Winning The Weekend

Sometimes you get the breaks, sometimes the breaks get you. For six innings on Sunday afternoon, Matt Garza was making the Cardinals look even worse than the toothless offense we’ve watched most of 2014. It was cold. And it was clinical. When the Brewers took the field in the bottom of the 7th, Garza (whose […]


Game 108: OMFG. Are You Serious Right Now?

I. Can’t. EVEN. So now Wainwright is awful? We’ve come to expect the limp bats, but Wain-O got shelled in the biggest game of the year so far. And that’s 2 shellacking’s since his All-Star Game brouhaha. But what really is galling is Mike Matheny’s quotes to Rick Hummel of the Post-Dispatch: “It’s not the […]


A Tentative Pact With The 2014 Cardinals

I love you, but I don’t like you right now. No, not you. The Cardinals. They were so sexy and smart in February. Bourjos. Peralta. That ROTATION! When Vegas set the over/under of wins at 91.5 we scoffed. And are probably going to be looking for a new living situation in a couple of months… […]

The Friday Links

The Friday Links

I don’t know. Wrong or smart? Now, The Friday Links… On this day, nobody won. LINK HERE Unnecessary details. LINK HERE Point taken. LINK HERE Grandma ain’t letting you get that PIN. LINK HERE Turn down for what. LINK HERE STL Craft Beer Guide. LINK HERE That’s it. That’s the week. It’s a big weekend […]


OUT: Joe Kelly & Allen Craig; IN: John Lackey

The Cardinals made a trade today before the deadline, acquiring starting pitcher John Lackey for outfielder Allen Craig and pitcher Joe Kelly. From the Post-Dispatch: Cardinals players appeared stunned and shaken by the news upon arriving at Petco Park for today’s 2:40 p.m. game against the Padres. I guess the good news is that they […]


And We Have A New ‘Worst Loss’ Of The Season

Much like a courteous prostitute , the Cardinals at least have the decency to do the real dirty work under the cover of late night. The Padres lambasted the feckless Cardinals 12-1 Wednesday night, repeatedly body slamming a pitching staff that has gone off the rails. They also featured an offense that at the very […]


The Cardinals Masterson Of Their Own Domain

My boss isn’t a Cardinals fan. So when he popped into my office head hung low telling me the Cardinals made a trade… my heart skipped a beat. Lester? He shook his head no. PRICE? DAVID PRICE? A pause. Another beat skipped. Then the most disappointing head shake of the day. Who? Who has you, […]


Game 105: The Kind Of Game That Engenders Little Hope

The most depressing thing about last night’s 3-1 loss to the Padres? 1) Losing to a (now) 47-59 team coming off a rest and regroup day when the Brewers had already lost? 2) 0-6 with runners in scoring position against Tyson Ross, Blaine Boyer, Kevin Quackenbush and Joaquin Benoit? 3) Allen Craig wearing the collar […]


Notes On A Bachelorette Finale

You may have noticed that we stopped the Bachelorette Live Blog after only a couple weeks into this season. Actually, you probably didn’t. But still. We weren’t the first to do a Bach Live Blog. Won’t be the last. It was a stunt that had run its course for the site, though. So we bid […]


Tony LaRussa’s Peculiar Hall Of Fame Speech

Sunday Tony LaRussa was inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Here is the full speech, in case you missed it: Some takeaways: + LaRussa went full LaRussa. On a day when every other speech was scripted and meticulously planned, TLR decided to go off-the-cuff (with some notes). Compared to Frank Thomas’ speech, TLR’s sounds […]


Cardinals Have To Get Better At Replay Challenges

Friends, I know it doesn’t feel significant, but it is. Mike Matheny and the Cardinals have to get better at replay challenges. Sunday’s 1-0 win was a brisk, tense game. With no margin for error, Wainwright pitched a gem and the game winning RBI came off Matt Holliday’s home run in the top of the […]