Jason Motte Nominated For Roberto Clemente Award

The Cardinals have nominated Jason Motte for the Roberto Clemente Award. The Roberto Clemente Award is given annually to the Major League Baseball (MLB) player who “best exemplifies the game of baseball, sportsmanship, community involvement and the individual’s contribution to his team”, as voted on by baseball fans and members of the media. It is […]


Wall Street Journal Says Cardinals Are Most Hateable Playoff Team

And it’s not even close. We’ve been cautioning people that the transition from America’s ‘Most Hated Baseball Team’ has been ongoing for a few years now. But with the last vestige of Yankees greatness (and hate) Derek Jeter gone… the time has come for Cardinal nation to assume the mantle: I mean, If I weren’t […]


Yahoo! Writer Not Excited About Cardinals World Series

Right at this moment, there are 10 teams that could win the World Series. By Wednesday night, that number will be trimmed to 8, but in the meantime, baseball writers need some new angles beyond why Team X ‘can totally win this’. Mike Oz of Big League Stew had an interesting idea… rank all of […]


The Cardinals Are 2014 NL Central Division Champions

It was over before the Cardinals game began. With the Reds win over the Pirates earlier today, the Cardinals have officially won the 2014 National League Central Championship. This is the 9th Central Division Championship for the Cardinals since the creation of the division in 1994 (1996, 2000, 2002, 2004-2006, 2009, 2013-2014). In case you […]


For The First Time We Can Say Something Definitive About The Cardinals

The 2014 season is 161 games old. And just like on March 31st, the season is far from over. Maybe we should have known? That day the Cardinals beat the Reds 1-0. After an off-day, they turned around and lost a 1-0 game to the same team. It’s been weird ever since. When the fans […]


Oh, The Sweet, Sweet Irony

The ‘Magic Number’ is down to 3. Granted, with only 3 games to play that means you’re in a heads up situation. It’s just a much more positive spin. And that’s exactly what the cardinals find themselves in after Pittsburgh drubbed Atlanta Thursday to erase that pesky half-game in the NL Central Standings: The Pirates […]

The Friday Links

The Friday Links

You’re Chris Brown. You’ve been in the studio, on the grind, trying to work on a new album that will help get your career back on track after it derailed in 2009. And after months and months of work, you’re finally getting close. The studio is informed. They pick a release date – September 16th […]


Giving Up On Trying To Figure Out This Team

On April 23, 1914, the Federal League Chifeds (yes, that’s correct) played the first baseball game at the new Weeghman Park. The Chifeds defeated the visiting Kansas City Packers 9-1. You might know this Weeghman place better as Wrigley Field. And after 100 seasons of baseball, the Cardinals suffered the same fate as their cross-state Missouri brethren on […]


Cardinals Snatch Defeat From Jaws Of Victory

That win was RIPE for the taking. Holliday led off the 8th inning with a double. With Adams and Peralta coming up, you figured this was going to be doable. Instead, Adams weakly hit the ball to the opposite field (for the first time in a month) and Peralta (who had Holliday on 3rd base […]


3 Things That Actually Happened On A Baseball Field

Always a fun thought experiment? Try and think what past news events would have absolutely blown up the internet if they happened today. Deep down a rabbit hole of on YouTube, I present three videos that you probably forgot about, but actually happened. 1) Tommy Lasorda. Can you imagine anything close to this happening […]


Wainwright Gets His 20th Win Of 2014

And pretty much locks up his third 2nd place Cy Young Finish. If historical trends hold true, Wainwright will also be in the top 20 of NL MVP voting as well (same as 2010, 2013). He’s had a pretty monster year: With the Bears playing a nationally broadcast football game and the Cubs in the […]