Freak Out

So Derrick Goold Now Has Us All Freaked

Derrick Goold is a good writer. And I’m always happy when a reporter gets information that’s pertinent, timely and gives context to something I’m interested in – like the Cardinals. But this AM when I got on the Post-Dispatch’s sports section and saw this little call-out box? Oh. Oh no. First of all, Goold writes […]

Danger Zone

Cardinals Absolutely Tenderized Saturday Night

Battered. Thrashed. Hammered. You can pick your own adjective, but after 9 innings of brutal play, the Dodgers stood over the shell of a championship team and delivered an emphatic no-no finger. Pick you own indignity: Mark Ellis now closer to .185 than .200 with his regular 0-fer. Lance Lynn mustering 2 innings and 6 […]


Update: Song Of The Summer Race Heats Up

We’re heading into July and if you’re staking a claim to ‘Song Of The Summer ’14′, you’ve already charted in the Hot 100. Most likely, you’re already in the top 25… Let’s take a look at where we’re at so far: THE HEAVYWEIGHTS These songs are currently on the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 and […]


Luke Bryan Takes BP With Cardinals

This is a couple weeks old, but it’s worth posting… because Luke Bryan. He’s pretty much the biggest star in country music right now. Don’t believe me, then you can check out one his upcoming shows in Soldier Field (home of the Bears) or Gillette Stadium (home of the Patriots). Dude is selling out the […]

The Friday Links

The Friday Links

The Rams are having a ‘takeover day’ on the NFL Network today. So if you’re looking for something to replace your mid-day World Cup viewing you’ve gotten used to the past couple of weeks, I suppose this is a viable alternative. You know, if you put aside the last 10 years and ’95 through ’98… […]


Uh-Oh… Offense Is Now Wasting 1-0 Gems

First, the positive… For us that have to watch all the Cardinals games through MLB.TV, the Cardinals trips to Los Angeles are awesome. Now, the bad news. HOLY SHEET – Did the Cardinals just waste a (technically not, but still) complete game 1 run effort from Adam Wainwright? Yes, yes they did. At least the […]

David Price

Dear Cardinals: Go Get David Price!

I’ve got bad news for you… You’re never going to be the General Manager of the St. Louis Cardinals. Even worse? The Cardinals General Manger in his current iteration and all future General Managers of the franchise will not take your opinion into consideration when making any personnel decision. There is no Easter Bunny; no […]


Now We Know Why We Need The Minor Leagues

Class, today we learned a lesson. Maybe you’re not in St. Louis and your locale has a minor league or independent baseball team. Maybe you’ve been glued to ESPN and their coverage of the College World Series. Maybe you’re just a hater. But some small part of you might see a player and think “he […]


Your Marco Gonzales Primer For Today’s Start

The Cardinals are starting WHO today? Marco Gonzales. The 1st round pick of the St. Louis Cardinals in 2013 (19th overall). Not to be confused with Marco Gonzalez who spent 2006-2009 with the Cardinals farm system and eventually made it to AAA Memphis before moving on from the organization. Gonzales is a 6’1″ lefty from […]


Amadee Wohlschlaeger, Sports & Weatherbird Cartoonist Dies At 102

If you’ve lived in St. Louis at any point in the past century, you’re familiar with The Weatherbird. The Weatherbird debuted in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 1901 and has existed ever since. It remains the oldest continuously published daily cartoon today. You might not like the P-D. You might not read the paper anymore. […]

Rug 3

The Cardinals Rug Market Is Real & It’s A Thing

We try our best to get some content on this site most days of the week. Some days the stories write themselves, be it player performances, managerial questioning or porn on a pitchers timeline… it’s not to hard to have a hot take. Other days, though, are a bit more challenging. Often times I find […]


The Cardinals Have A Sense Of Humor After All

I only subscribe to one comedy e-mail… The one put out by the St. Louis Cardinals, of course. Now they got a lot of crap last week for not having a sense of humor about the whole Jonathan Lucroy video, but if you don’t think the Cardinals love to laugh – well, check your e-mail. […]

Pawn Stars

Cards Fan On Pawn Stars Could Be Real Hero Of 2011

I think we’d all had enough sports last night. Flipping through the channels, I came upon that guy you see up above. He was walking into Gold & Silver Pawn in Las Vegas, Nevada. AKA the set of History Channel’s ‘Pawn Stars’. If you haven’t seen the show, it pretty much follows this template. And […]