Ranking The ‘Why Did The Cardinals Sign AJ Pierzynski’ Theories

The Cardinals have signed AJ Pierzynski and he will join the team today in Chicago. Whoo. Boy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmJT1hTjE_Y The dude is controversial. And he likes it that way. His nickname? Captain Chaos. His former manager Ozzie Guillén’s feelings about AJ? I paraphrase here: When you play against him, you hate him. When you play with him, you […]


Not Everyone Is Cool With TLR Going Into The Hall of Fame

Y’all getting turnt up for the baseball Hall of Fame ceremony this weekend? After all Cardinals non-affiliated baseball great Tony LaRussa is taking his place in Cooperstown and the national media is welcoming his induction with open arms. Right Bryant Gumble? “Finally tonight, a few words about fame and shame — and how they’re both […]


The Cubs Will Decide the NL Central Winner

The NL Central giveth; the NL Central taketh. Riding a surge of momentum into the All-Star break (and immediately after), the Cardinals closed the gap between themselves and the Brewers for the NL Central lead. 3 consecutive losses in 5 days has shoved the Birds back down into 3rd place, 3 games in arrears. Enter […]


Cardinals Are Running Into Ticket Sales Trouble?

Maybe this is overly cynical, but shouldn’t the BFIB have already bought all the tickets up for a World Series re-match? Granted, it hasn’t been much fun watching Boston play in St. Louis the past 10 years or so. And yes, the memories of Fever pitch are still a pall that hangs over the site […]


Adam Wainwright Is The Conductor

You know those rumble strips they build into every new stretch of highway? Great idea. If you’re veering off the road a little too far, they make a sound like humongous wasp is attacking while simultaneously turning your steering wheel into jackhammer handles. The adrenaline starts pumping and you get that sporty little bad boy […]


Mike Matheny Currently Ranks Last In MLB For Replay Challenges

There are a whole generation of baseball fans being born now that are never going to experience these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Pzambx83-0 The replay system in baseball is here to stay. And if we’re being really honest, it’s for the best. Not only for the teams and fans, but for those poor manager’s blood pressure. So much stack […]


Another Patented EASY CD Contest: Bite Tech Edition

We don’t have many rules at Cards Diaspora. In fact, on our officially recognized Internet charter we have but two listed: 1) Ball hard. 2) If any company wants to give us prizes to give away, we’ll run a contest. Further, said contest will be easy. No forms. You don’t have to like us on […]

TLR Bobblehead

Tony LaRussa Fêteing Coming To Oakland

This upcoming weekend Tony LaRussa will join the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. His head will be put on a plaque (sans team cap) and that plaque will be hung in Cooperstown NY to serve as a reminder that he was one of the all-time great managers of baseball. A deserved honor, for sure. […]


The David Price Drama Now Features Evan Longoria Too?

Sunday Night baseball is the MLB’s big weekly national showcase. ESPN cherry picks the best series each weekend and puts their considerable production weight (i.e. $$$) behind making a marquee TV show – the bump into a commercial break around the 4th inning featuring Pappy’s was a personal favorite last night. So even though the […]

The Friday Links

The Friday Links

We made it through the valley, friends. The NBA Summer League and MLS highlights are over. Back to real games tonight. I’m happy the WNBA got a bit of run on ESPN, but I’m just not as invested in women’s professional hoops as I used to be. Reminds me of an old question asked of […]


Not The Best Week For Adam Wainwright

I’ve been trying to come up with the apropos analogy for Adam Wainwright’s week. He was selected as a Major League Baseball All-Star. And not only did he make it to the most elite level of the sport, he was elite amongst the elite. Selected as the NL starter, he was actually the ELITIST. Think […]