Jon Jay Is Carrying The Cardinals On His Back

Jon Jay, man. Dude was left for dead on the Cardinals roster this spring. With the addition of Peter Bourjos and the ascendance of Oscar Taveras – there just wasn’t going to be much PT for our friend. As they push down the homestretch, the Cardinals have moved to 12 games over .500 and nights […]


‘This One’s For You’ Day On FSN

Tonight’s broadcast of Cardinals baseball on FSN is the annual ‘This One’s For You‘ salute to the servicemen and servicewomen of the United States Armed Forces. This is the 10th time FSN has done this broadcast and it will be shown to troops overseas via American Forces Network (AFN). FOX Sports Midwest will interact, via […]


Game 123: Best Told Through Tweets

First, we learned that Matt Holliday was going to ride the pine. A mental day off. But it didn’t matter early or late, since STL’s very own Abe Lincoln… err… Matt Carpenter was on a tear. The Padres weren’t about to be bullied, though. And they scored runs of their own. Their fans were pumped […]


The Sophomore Slump Is Real; Siegrist Proves It To Us All

Some people think it’s not real. It’s got a whole page of definitions on Urban Dictionary and it is to music critics what ‘clutch hitting’ is to baseball – but ‘The Sophomore Slump‘ idea is gaining validity. As Cardinal fans, I think we were pretty much in denial. But with only 40 games to go […]


Tonight – And Everynight – Jack Corbett Is Involved In MLB’s Biggest Plays

Email marketing has always been fascinating to me. It’s the same offers, deals and information that any other marketing vehicle delivers, but it’s co-mingled with the most important details of your life. This AM, I saw a note about an upcoming trip, a question about some out of town visitors I’ll be entertaining for work, […]


The New Commissioner, Google & The Future Of Baseball

Baseball elected a new commissioner on Thursday by the name of Rob Manfred. Seems to be going well, so far. It’s hard to believe, but I have to admit that the World Cup really threw this season off for me. The World Cup? Of soccer? Yes – that World Cup. Perhaps it’s the OCD or […]

The Friday Links

The Friday Links

I want to call special attention to THIS LINK because I think it’s fascinating and scary and asks so many questions that I’m not sure we’re all that comfortable knowing the answers to. What happens if you ‘liked’ everything you saw on Facebook? Now, The Friday Links… Postcards are liars. LINK HERE Airplane leg room […]


Lou Brock & The Backstreet Boys

I’m not quite sure what he means, either. But it’s being reported in the Des Moines Register: It’s not his first visit to Des Moines. Brock recalled another visit to Des Moines when he ran into the boy-band group the Backstreet Boys. “I said, ‘We have backstreet boys in St. Louis too,’” Brock said with […]


Pipeshots & Problems: Wainwright’s Second Half So Far

Adam Wainwright has started 5 games since ‘pipeshot-gate‘. When he was tabbed the NL starting pitcher in the ’14 All-Star Game, Cardinals fans and some media were staunch in their belief that Wainwright was deserving the nod over LA Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw. They weren’t wrong. It was a close call, but the right one. […]


Cardinals Wet The Bed, Again

Let’s start with the positive – 2:34 is a great length for a baseball game. The guillotine is less painful for everyone involved, I suppose. Beyond that? I don’t know what even the most generous Cardinals fans can say about this stinker. Carpenter, Holliday, Peralta, Taveras and Cruz all wore the collar. Adam Wainwright gave […]