You Got An Arm? You Want To Come Out Of The Bullpen?

Remember your birthday as a kid? It was freaking awesome. You’d get a ton of new toys and you’d spend the next week trying to figure out just how much time you needed to spend with each one to create optimal fun. Mike Matheny seems to be taking this approach with his bullpen. If you’ve […]


From The Inbox: “Here Comes The King”

From time to time, readers of the site will reach out. And from time to time, those reaching out will not be doing so to tell us how awful the site has become and how they’re appalled that the Internet allows such drivel to exist. Last night I had a very nice email exchange with […]

Be Back In 2 and 2


In Case You Missed It: The Oscar Taveras Tribute Video

The Cardinals celebrated Oscar Taveras on Opening Day with a tribute video. If you missed it or just want to see it again, the best copy that I could find on the YouTube is embedded below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_s9kbHsc1s Nice work to everyone involved. Photo: Washington Post


Cardinals Roll Over And Burp On Opening Day

Prior to Monday afternoon, this was the last at bat in Busch Stadium: The first play… the VERY NEXT play, actually, in Busch Stadium was hit to Kolten Wong. He fumbled it and Carlos Gomez was on first instead of heading back to the dugout. He’d come around to score 3 batters later and the […]


17 Mildly Interesting Things To Know For Opening Day 2015

The single best part of living in St. Louis? Opening. Day. If you’re working today, you’re not really working today. Every single one of you reading this knows at least 3 different people going to the game. And if you’re working anywhere in the metropolitan area, you’re either allowed to wear red or going home […]


Cardinals Play A Personality Series Against Cincinnati

Ask a Cardinals fan what they thought about this past weekend’s series against the Cincinnati Reds and you’re going to find out about their personality real quick. If they start off with ‘2 of 3 in a series on the road is always a good thing’ or ‘damn did Wacha and Martinez look good’ then you’re […]


TLR Can’t Quit STL; LaRussa To Attend Cardinals Opening Day

Wow. Kind of like an open marriage, who are we to judge. If everyone’s happy with the arrangement, then everyone’s happy with the arrangement. Haven’t you heard? Tony LaRussa is coming back for Opening Day on Monday. And no, the Cardinals aren’t playing against his current employer, the Arizona Diamondbacks. They’ll be in San Diego […]

The Friday Links

Bathroom Lines @ Wrigley + The Friday Links

All I can vouch for is my personal experience. I know others had profoundly different ones. But on Opening Day, I went to the Wrigley Field restrooms 3 separate times and each time it took me less than 10 minutes. Could the lines have been better/faster? Yes. Were there some people that missed more than […]


Let’s Talk About That Pickoff Throw For A Minute

I had literally just left a co-workers office. Jorge Solar had tripled and stood on third base in a cold and wet Wrigley Field. At this point (4th inning), we knew that runs were going to be at a premium. Lynn pitches around Tony Rizzo (smartly) and sets up the double play. But he gets […]


Yadier Molina Is So Tiny I Thought He Was The Bat Boy

You guys – I’m not making this up. I was at the game Sunday night and I thought the bat boy was walking up to the plate before I realized that it was Yadier Molina. Yes. I mistook the best catcher of his generation for a bat boy. He’s. So. Tiny. You’ve seen him, right? […]


Cardinals Festoon Waffle Sandwich On Unsuspecting Fans

One of the nice things about rooting for a team like the Cardinals is that they’re long on winning and short on gimmicks. The things that other teams have to do to lure fans out to the ball yard are varied and numerous. An old workhorse the past few years has been gimmick food. For […]