USMNT To Play World Cup Qualifier In Busch Stadium NOV 13

Yes, this is a big deal. St. Louis has been the home to some huge soccer matches over the past several years including recent visits by the USWNT, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea F.C. to name a few. Nothing against any of these footballing contests, but they were missing something… Counting. With the announcement […]


The Losses Showing Why The ’15 Cardinals Should Be Feared

The Cardinals lost 3-2 Sunday afternoon. It’s another example of why the 2015 should be favored to win the 2015 World Series. +++++ The Cardinals missed their chance to complete the sweep and push to 30 games over .500 for the first time in 2015 with a frustrating loss. 2 for 9 with RISP and […]


Good News From Down On The Cardinals Farm

Tim Cooney gets the no decision… errr… start tonight for the Cardinals versus the Atlanta Braves. And if you’re like me, you’re wondering things like ‘is Cooney now the regular 5th starter’ or ‘what the heck is going on with Jaime and Marco’. Turns out, there’s good news down on the farm: Marco Gonzales (via […]


An Examination Of The Corey Feldman Cardinals Minor League Performance

The State College Spikes located in State College Pennsylvania are the St. Louis Cardinals’ short season class A affiliate. They’ve been associated with the team since 2013. Previously, they had a relationship with the Cardinals from 1981 through 2006. Yesterday the Riverfront Times reported that the Spikes had apologized. For what you ask? Corey Feldman. […]

The Friday Links

Maneater Shreds + The Friday Links

Do you crave something challenging this AM? Something that’s going to make you think? Maybe even hit you right in the feels? Then move along. The Internet is the best. The very best. Now, The Friday Links… What exactly is your time worth? LINK HERE You can’t turn this deal down. LINK HERE A […]


Cardinals Having Fun On The South Side

The go-to remark from Sox fans this week in and around U.S. Cellular Field? “This ain’t the North Side. This isn’t a ‘friendly’ rivalry”. It would sound way more ominous if more than 50% of the fans in attendance weren’t also wearing red. I have to believe that the Sox wouldn’t mind having Cardinals Nation […]


Concert Review: Taylor Swift @ Soldier Field

She came. She saw. She conquered. Taylor Swift is the perfect human. Why? When we walked in you got a FitBit Force looking device filled with LED lights that went off in conjunction with the stage show all night (you can kind of see them in my terrible photo above). And while the visuals these […]


The Top 7 Guys To Blame For That 18 Inning Loss

Listen, when you go 18 innings and lose at home, someone has to fall on the sword. Let’s get right to who we should be blaming this loss on… (Note: Please keep in mind I know that Martinez and Villanueva did more than could be reasonably expected and that Yadi had a huge workload squatting […]

The Friday Links

LightYear.FM + The Friday Links

This. Is. Everything. But seriously, this is actually everything. I love that site so much. And if you have music ADD, then you’re going to love it too. If you haven’t heard, we finally made it to Pluto this week. And if you’re a nerd like me, it was super cool to see the planet […]

ASG 15

Scenes From The 2015 All-Star Game

Maybe I’m wrong about this. It’s probably more of an opinion than anything… The All-Star Game to determine home-field advantage was introduced in 2003 and I believe that the Cardinals are really the only team that have had a vested interest in the outcome of this game every single season since then. So Cardinals fans […]