When A Cramp Is More Than A Cramp

Jaime Garcia lowered his ERA to 1.69 and earned his 3rd win of 2015 Wednesday night in Miami. And on Thursday morning when I went to look at to see if I’d missed anything overnight, this was the top of the homepage: The WWL was sitting on that David Schoenfield piece and after another […]


The Cardinals Investigation Might Hurt In Unexpected Ways

The Cardinals continue to play baseball. It’s what they do. And no matter the outcome of the FBI investigation looking into Cardinals front office personnel who (allegedly) broke into the network that contained Houston Astros private internal data, it won’t effect the 2015 Cardinals. The NY Times is reporting today that the investigation has zeroed […]


Follow This One Simple Rule To Beat The Marlins

The Cardinals have an easy series win if they remember this SIMPLE rule: Do. Not. Pitch. To. Giancarlo. Stanton. Your browser does not support iframes. That’s some Mark McGwire circa 1998 power right there, kids. And just like the ’98 Birds, it’s all about Stanton while the team slogs behind. The Marlins are now 12 […]


Cardinals Fans Have 14th Worst Grammar In MLB

The Cardinal Way doesn’t include proper writing, apparently. The Wall Street Journal has teamed up with a company we should be working with called Gammarly to find out who the best and worst MLB fan bases are when it comes to spelling, punctuation and grammar. And, no there isn’t a mistake in that previous sentence. […]


Ranking Things I Watched On A Plane Ride To/From Seattle

I took a plane to Seattle. I took a plane back from Seattle. I watched some stuff. And now we should rank that stuff. Please be warned, I don’t see many movies. 1) Kingsman: The Secret Service This movie was WAYYYY better than I expected. Like 10X better. Clever, funny and features some really […]


Cardinals Win Weekend Series, Lose Bad On Father’s Day

There are ‘happy flights‘ and then there are some less happy. The Cardinals are enjoying their off day in Miami, but the stench of that 9-2 beating on Sunday afternoon is still wafting around Cardinals Nation. After scoring 22 runs in 2 games, the Cardinals were primed to sweep the struggling Phillies. With Mike Wacha […]


A Random Safeco Field Review

I went to Seattle and watched a baseball game in Safeco Field. Here’s what you need to know: 1) The Seattle Mariners play the baseball in Safeco Field. Currently they are 32-38 and embroiled in another lost season. They aren’t on national TV much (and that might be generous). Any hope from their 87-75 2014 […]

Cardinals Visiting MLB-Worst Phillies Over The Weekend

While the St. Louis Cardinals organization is in the crosshairs of an off-the-field hacking scandal, the production on-the-field seems to be unfazed. Winners of five of their last six, the Cardinals have their series finale against the Minnesota Twins today before heading into the weekend with baseball’s best record. And the wins should continue to […]


Cardinals Forgot To Pack Bats For Minnesota

The more things change, the more they stay the same. With all the news this week around the Cardinals, it’s easy to forget that they’re still playing games. But Wednesday night they made a rare Minneapolis appearance and trotted out the same tired tropes that have plagued the team over the past few years. Light hitting? […]


So, Wait, Adam Wainwright Isn’t Done In 2015?

I hope this Cardinals team has a camera crew documenting this season. As if the Cardinals week hasn’t been newsworthy enough, today we learn that staff ace Adam Wainwright – long thought out until spring training ’16 – is eyeing a comeback before the end of the ’15 season. For reals? So says The Commish […]


“Yeah, But They Cheat” – Another Season Under A Cloud

“Yeah, but they cheat” – the response to every single argument you have about Cardinals baseball the rest of the year to someone who isn’t a fan of the team. +++++ Last night after work, out of habit more than anything, I turned on the 6p SportsCenter. With 2 hours before the NBA Finals GM6, […]


The Best Cardinals FBI Related Tweets… So Far

When you have the New England Patriots of baseball under investigation by the FBI… you’re going to see some things on Twitter that you have to admit (begrudgingly) are damn funny/clever/interesting. Hell, stuff like this was out there before this latest scandal broke: Here’s what the Internet has offered up so far: Ok, OK… now […]


Cardinals Official Statement On FBI Investigation

I hope you didn’t click on this expecting much. Here we go… The St. Louis Cardinals are aware of the investigation into the security breach of the Houston Astros’ database.  The team has fully cooperated with the investigation and will continue to do so.  Given that this is an ongoing federal investigation, it is not […]