Cardinals Announce 25-Man Roster For NLDS

The Cardinals have made their 2015 NLDS final roster. Headlines: Yadier Molina in on and will play Adam Wainwright has made the roster Pitchers Randy Choate & Steve Cishek are off Tommy Pham & Greg Garcia are on Matt Adams & Peter Kozma are off 11 pitchers | 14 position players Notes: Jon Jay got the […]


Omar Has Some Advice For Cubs Fans

The Cubs have won their first ‘playoff’ game since 2003. Congrats. Only 53 more playoff wins from tying the Cardinals over the same time period. +++++ As a neutral observer, the Cubs win in the Wild Card game was impressive. They went into Pittsburgh and punched a 98 win team right in the mouth. Jake […]


Cardinals Versus Cubs – In The Playoffs!

The Cubs came into Pittsburgh and punched the Pirates right in the mouth. After anticipation built to a frenzy the past couple days for the NL Wild Card game, we all pretty much expected an epic pitching duel between Gerrit Cole and Jake Arrieta. Arrieta – still in beast mode – showed up. A complete […]


Bland Predictions For the NL Wild Card Game Tonight

UPDATE (10:39p) – I was wrong about pretty much everything. If I were you, I’d move along and spare yourself being embarrassed for me. +++++ Not the best headline. I know. We’re not here to lie to each other, though. I don’t believe there’s going to be anything ‘bold’ or ‘amazing’ that I can predict. […]


Here’s A Huge Stan Musial Mural Made From Rubik’s Cubes

Today the Cardinals unveiled an art project that will be a permanent installation at Ballpark Village. It was made by Connor Wright, a senior at Priory High School. And it’s made entirely from 5,980 Rubik’s Cubes: What more is there to really say? That’s a badass piece of art. If you’re down around Ballpark Village […]


Who Do We Want To Play In October… On A Scale Of Bourjos

Was I the only one rooting for the Angels to sneak into the postseason and somehow face the Cardinals in the World Series? Albert Pujols has played 4 (FOUR? We’re getting old…) full seasons in Anaheim without making a return trip to St. Louis. Baseball is weird, man. Any other for-profit sports league in the […]


Looking Back On 2015 – The Stats

The Cardinals have finished the 2015 regular season. And since we have tons of time to kill between now and Friday evening, let’s take a look back on some of the stats that defined the NL Central champs… Hitting – Total Runs: 647 (24th in MLB) Hits: 1386 (14th in MLB) Team Average: .253 (12th in […]


Cardinals Struggle To Cross The Finish Line Over The Weekend

Apologies if you decided to watch even a single inning of Cardinals baseball over the weekend. If you happened to focus on football or family instead, I’ve embedded a highlight reel below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HolGiQKeUEw Per Rick Hummel – this was the first time that the Cardinals have been shutout in a three game series since 1976. […]

96.3_s Curt Copeland Launches Kickstarter for Cardinals-Themed Tiki Bar St. LOUau | Food Blog | St. Louis News and Events | Riverfront Times

Curt Copeland Hopes To Start Cardinals Themed Tiki Bar In St. Louis

St. Louis radio personality and ‘your best friend in the whole wide world’, Curt Copeland (96.3 FM) has a new endeavor… St. LOUau,  a Cardinals-themed tiki bar. Now, this isn’t a reality yet. Copeland and his business partner Dana Kay Goddard plan on creating a Kickstarter (launches OCT 7/will update this post with info) to help fund […]


LISTEN: Cardinals Fan Records Playoff Rally Song ‘Red October’

This is been hanging around for about a year. But we just recently came across the #STLCards playoff rally song called… ‘RED OCTOBER': Can’t lie, the production value is on point here. From the intro featuring Joe Buck’s call honoring his late father (circa 2011 WS GM6) to the Kanye-ish backing vocals on the chorus – […]

The Friday Links

Buy Me A Boat + The Friday Links

Back in college, I had some really bad ideas. This wasn’t one of them… I don’t think. It was a theory about rap and country basically being the same music. I know, doesn’t seem like it on the surface – and I’ll spare you all the details – but it all boils down to both […]


We Stand In Support Of The Arizona State Selfie Squad @ Chase Field

Some sorority sisters in Arizona decided to go to a baseball game. And now, in the midst of the postseason schedule finally coming into focus, all anyone can talk about is ZOMG SULLLFEEEEEEEESSSSS! Your browser does not support iframes. The announcers are not all that amused, because – tradition. Or something. If you’re also annoyed by […]


The Cardinals Keep It 100 – Win NL Central Title

The perfect emoji for the Cardinals. There’s no other way around it – I nailed it. The perfect Tweet and only 6 people (as of publication) recognized the genius? Not only are the they keeping it 100, but on their 100th win they clinch the division? Soooooo good. I’m happy for the Cardinals, but a little […]