The Pablo Sandoval To Cardinals Conundrum

Kung Fu Panda. The Round Mound of Pound. Little Money. Pablo Sandoval goes by many nicknames, but to Cardinals fans his presence in October has been less welcome than a priest by your hospital bed. We call him The Reaper. If you can’t beat ‘em… have them join you? That’s been the chorus line coming […]


The Cardinals Free-Agents: Coming Back?

On November 6th, the following Cardinals players will officially become free agents: Mark Ellis Pat Neshek Justin Masterson Jason Motte A.J. Pierzynski None of these players received a qualifying offer from the Cardinals, meaning that there will be no extra draft picks if they are singed by another team. VEB has stated that letting all […]

The Friday Links

The Friday Links + The Far Side Live Action Cartoon

If you’re awesome, you probably enjoyed ‘The Far Side’ comic strip. Up until today, I had no idea that in 1994 Gary Larson tried turning this into a live action cartoon. Maybe this is Halloween related, maybe it’s not. But it’s definitely weird. And we’re going to embed it below. Now, The Friday Links… Katniss […]


Anti Joe Maddon Talking Points To Annoy Your Cubs Friends

So the Cubs went out and got themselves a Joe Maddon. Got to be honest, here… going to manage the Cubs is not exactly what a good Cardinals fan would do. Unless he’s planning the most awesome Trojan Horse infiltration since Odysseus pulled a fast on on Troy. Then we’re totally cool with that. Carry […]


Oscar Taveras Has Been Laid To Rest

The words aren’t coming any easier. It’s been 3 days since the news of Oscar Taveras and his girlfriend Edilia Arvelo’s deaths broke. In some ways the initial shock has worn thinner. But in it’s absence, bewilderment. TMZ is reporting that Taveras wasn’t intoxicated during the fatal car crash. He was just a young kid […]


Oscar Taveras: 1992-2014

Two weeks ago Sunday Oscar Taveras stepped into the box with 1 out in the bottom of the 7th inning. The Cardinals trailed the Giants 3-2 at the time. I can’t say why, but I remember yelling across the bar table I was standing at to a friend that THIS is the moment that Taveras […]


Adam Wainwright Has Some Sort Of Elbow Surgery

Friday afternoon is a dead zone for media. Most people are focused on wrapping up their week so they can get to whatever plans they have for the weekend. The usage rate for all media – TV, Radio, Internet… they all dip on Friday PM into the night. Dropping news releases during this time is […]


Your Guide To Joe Maddon: How Likely Is It He’s The New Cardinals Manager?

I think I already know the answer, but let’s make it official: Who Do You Want As Cardinals Manager In 2015? Mike Matheny Joe Maddon Another Manager Poll Maker Joe Maddon is a free agent. Joe Maddon is a 2X former AL Manager of the Year. Joe Maddon is awesome: Let’s establish a few […]

The Friday Links

The Friday Links

When the Cardinals season came to a close, the more positive STL sports fans reminded us that the NFL season was in full swing and we better appreciate the Rammies while we’ve got ‘em. Heck – they just beat the defending Super Bowl Champs! Yeah, but um, it’s kind of hard to put your heart […]


Stadium Journey Reviews Every Ballpark In STL Cardinals System

You’re a Cardinals fan. So by proxy, you’re a Memphis fan. And a Springfield fan. And a Palm Beach, Peoria, State College and Johnson City fan. After all, that’s where the Baby Birds are hatching, right? Some of you might not have an interest seeing anything but the finished product… So our friends over at […]