Chris Carpenter, Joe Torre Headline Cardinals Hall of Fame Class of 2016

The St. Louis Cardinals have announced the selections for the team Hall of Fame Class of 2016. Congratulations to the following 4… Chris Carpenter: Fan Selection Chris Carpenter played nine seasons with the Cardinals, won the 2005 Cy Young award and was selected as a National League All Star three times: 2005, 2006 and 2010.  […]


There’s A New Song About Ozzie Smith

I imagine that Ozzie in that pic above is jamming out to some dope beats. Side note: What is that little insignia under the bill of his cap? I can’t be sure, but it looks pretty cool. If he had played in Jeter’s era, that would have been all over a bunch of Nike gear. […]

The Friday Links

Yoga Pics For Instagram + The Friday Links

This one is going to hit home for you if you’re on social media (specifically FB or IG) a bunch. How we got to April 26th without this bit being done before is a minor miracle, IMO. Or maybe it has been and I missed it. Either way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9bmvQFtOHk Also, I felt this Prince cover […]


Aledmys Diaz Is Officially MLB’s Top Current Hitter

We knew that Aledmys Diaz was on fire at the plate in 2016. But until last night’s 11-4 win over Arizona, the Cardinals shortstop did not have enough at-bats to qualify as a league leader. He does now. And his .468 (FOUR SIXTY EIGHT) average is the top mark in all of baseball. Diaz could go 1 […]

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How Do You Feel About The Word Suck?

It was a busy week around HQ and some important stories fell through the cracks. None bigger than the ‘suck-saga’. The Cubs played in St. Louis last Monday thru Wednesday. They won 2 times, 3 if you want to count Joe Maddon changing the rules at Busch Stadium to allow the word ‘suck’ to be […]


The Cardinals Are Quickly Entering The Bernie Sanders Zone

I’m going to make a dramatic statement. And it (mostly) has nothing to do with politics. +++++ Bernie Sanders has tapped into a piece of the American electorate than many doubted were out there en masse. Against long odds he has hung in the race for the Democratic party’s nomination for President of the United […]


Can The Cardinals Fight Off Mediocrity?

The Cardinals have fallen 4 games in arrears of the Cubs for the NL Central division lead and stand on the precipice of moving below .500 as they approach the first 1/10th of the season mark. The Cardinals are 0-3 against the Pirates and 0-2 against the Cubs in 2016. They have scored a combined […]


Cardinals Fall To Pieces Against The Cubs… Again

It was all coming back. Last October, I had the pleasure (pain) of going to NLDS GM3 where the Cubs hit 6 home runs and not only beat the ever-loving stuffing out of the Cardinals but signaled to the baseball world that the future Cubs weren’t coming… they were here. After the game I took […]


The Best Rivalry In Baseball Is Back And More Competitive Than Ever

The Internet is a big place and if you’re looking for detailed recaps of the Reds series this past weekend, I have faith that you can find some. The Cardinals won the series. Probably should have swept, but Wainwright still hasn’t found his form. He’s confident he will. He’s earned out trust. So we good? […]


Total Guesses On What’s Going On With The Cardinals Social Media Accounts

It’s been a rough week for the Cardinals social accounts. Specifically, they can’t seem to tell the difference between Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati and Busch Stadium in St. Louis. I mean, when you’re making front page news on STLToday just below Sir Paul, chances are the weekend can’t get here soon enough: On […]

The Friday Links

A Great Prank + The Friday Links

Sometimes you have an idea. And it’s a great idea. Taking fake book covers on the subway is a great idea. Not only that, but in a YouTube world where every prank video has to be more over the top than the last, sometimes a muted approach is appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFxu9dOO4zk Even better the second time, […]

Jaime Twirled A Gem


A Loss Won’t Kill The Cardinals; Losses Will

Trust me, I know. The Cubs have started this season on an absolute tear. And have already pushed the Cardinals into a 3 game hole in the NL Central. After the Reds jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the first last night, the Cubs proceeded to pound out 9 runs over the next four […]


All Of A Sudden The Cardinals Starting Pitching Safety Net Is Shrinking

When Lance Lynn underwent Tommy John surgery, the Cardinals appeared to be as prepared as a major league team can be to absorb the loss of an entire season from a starting pitcher slash innings eater. Adam Wainwright was back in the rotation after missing most of the 2015 season. They went out and signed […]