Last Night Wasn’t Bad, It Just Didn’t Happen

So I’m at a business dinner last night. Nice people, but also people that I’ve only met a couple of times who are responsible for my livelihood. When you get into these dinners, it’s hard to roll like you do with friends and stare at your phone the whole meal. The only real way to […]

The Friday Links

Family Matters + The Friday Links

Key and Peele retired their self-titled Comedy Central show this week. What better time to re-post one of your favorite clips of 2014 – ‘Family Matters’? Now, if you don’t like dark, subversive humor, cussing and the TV show Family Matters… this isn’t the video for you. Go ahead and skip down for the weekly […]


So, Yeah, Winning Is Better

It didn’t start pretty. By the middle of the 1st inning the Cardinals were again facing a deficit of multiple runs. And were playing a centerfield who couldn’t throw a baseball. That’s not a joke. Randal Grichuk literally was instructed to not throw the ball. That really is a thing that happened on a team […]


So About All That Extra Rest For The Pitching Staff

Going on WebMD is pretty much never a good idea. But I wanted to do a little research and see if excessive rest had any negative side effects. Boy, does it. Back pain, depression, heart disease, obesity, headaches, diabetes… DEATH – all linked to too much sleeping? It’s true! That last symptom is pretty ironic, […]


The Complete 2016 Cardinals Schedule & Highlights

The Cardinals have announced their 2016 schedule. Here are some highlights/notes: The Cardinals open and close the 2016 season against the Pittsburgh Pirates. They open MON APR 4th @ PNC Park (the 5th straight season they’ve opened on the road) and close SUN OCT 2nd @ Busch Stadium. The HOME opener will be on MON APR […]


Joaquin Andujar Dies At 62

Former Cardinals pitcher Joaquin Andujar has died at the age of 62 in his native Dominican republic due to complications from diabetes. Mr. Andujar pitched for the Cardinals over parts of 5 seasons (1981 – 1985) posting 68 wins in 153 starts, winning 20 games in 1984 and 21 games in 1985 before being traded […]


Cardinals Take Holiday Weekend Too Literally

See? See what we did with that headline? Clever, right? The Cardinals are on their first actual skid of the season. Those two game blips you were trying to prop up as trouble? Nah, bruh. The Cards have lost 4 of 5, been outscored 16-1 the last two games and this is getting left on […]


Happy Labor Day 2015 To You

We spend a bunch of time celebrating a whole smorgasbord of things in America. Love. Independence. Earth. Fools. Presidents. New years. Trees. Groundhogs. The list is long and varied. But I always thought it was missing something… YOU. Damn right you deserve a holiday. They told you 40 hours a week when you started, but […]


Tonight Is ’67 NL Championship Replica Ring Night

If you’re wondering why the lines are suuuuuuuper long to get into Busch Stadium tonight, it’s probably because it’s another replica ring giveaway. This time it’s the 1967 championship ring that’s getting the recreation treatment: This replica rings have been a BIG hit with fans in the past, so if you want one, you should probably […]

The Friday Links

Seinye + The Friday Links

Have you guys seen this? That, my friends, is exactly why the internet was created. One of the best things I’ve seen all month, if I’m being honest. BTW, do you guys watch ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee‘? You’re probably on it, but if not, and you liked Seinfeld, then you’ll like it. Now, The […]


Of All The Days For Mike Matheny To Make That Call

It’s almost like it HAD to happen. In Wednesday’s Post-Dispatch, Joe Strauss wrote a piece with the headline “Matheny Overdue For Some Credit” outlining several reasons why the Cardinals manager should not only be considered as a Manager of the Year candidate in 2015, but why he should be the front-runner. The case for managerial […]


Let’s Talk About The 3 Guys Chasing Moss’ HR Ball

Can we talk about this for a second? Listen, walk-off home runs are exciting. Getting a free baseball is semi-exciting. But these three dudes? they should probably be a cautionary tale about letting a moment get to you. Red Shirt Guy: Hard to see with the ‘MkaeAGIF’ thing in the way, but he gets the […]


Cardinals 40 Games Over .500 For First Time Since 2005

What’s it like being a Pirates fan? You’d think being 28 games over .500 on September 1st, it’d be pretty good. Somehow, though, they’re 6 games in arrears for the NL Central lead and watching the Cardinals push to 40 games over .500 with a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 9th inning. […]