On the Ninth Day of Crapmas…

During our nine days of Crapmas, we’ve covered gifts for your friends (Mac Wire 23kt gold baseball card), your enemies (Jeff Brantley jersey), the special lady in your life (Jeff Brantley jersey…or a Memphis Redbirds Championship ring if you’re really whipped), gramps (Frankie Frisch game worn pants baseball card), and even the little slugger of […]

2 Months Ago Today: Big Mac’s Comeback Announced

By the time you read this, it will be approximately 9 and 1/2 weeks until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in Jupiter Florida for the St. Louis Cardinals. Shortly thereafter, position players will join their brethren down south for instruction by new hitting coach Mark McGwire. (Uh, oh. Sorry to break it to […]


Eighth Day of Crapmas

If you’re a young baseball player reading this, or more importantly, a slow pitch softball masher – you know the art of hitting is the most important thing that men need to learn during their short time on earth. Don’t know how to start fire? They make lighters for that. Don’t know how to fix […]

Cardinals: Sorry We Party

In an effort to remind America that there is nothing better to do in St. Louis than get slopped-up and drive around in questionable weather, 26 year old third-baseman David Freese earned his spot in history as another St. Louis Cardinal arrested for drunken driving. Story Here… When asked to comment, Cardinals skipper Tony La […]

Monday Ramblin’s…

This Friday is Christmas. Yeah, this Friday. 20 years ago a young me would have pretty much hyperventilating every single night waiting for Friday morning. But now I’m an old fuck and will be wondering around a cubicle farm today saying things like “I need some more time” or “where the heck did 2009 go”? […]

Jersey Shore Weekly Recap & The Links

Normally not seeing a extraordinarily tight NFL game with playoff (real and fantasy) implications would drive me out of my fucking skull. But not this fall. Not when the Jersey Shore is fist pumping it’s way to Best Show Ever status. And because baseball is going to be hell-a boring until Holliday makes up his […]


The Seventh Day of Crapmas

Yesterday we featured a baseball card that had a tiny swatch of game used baseball pants. Maybe that wasn’t good enough for you, since a 1×1 patch of pants could have easily come from Johnny Mac’s; you want the REAL ASS THING. You want the full-on jersey that you can rock to all of your […]

Site Update

As promised.. the site is fully functional as of around noon toady. Turns out the “major technical glitches”, actually can be attributed to me being an idiot. Big surprise. Anyway- feel free to post comments, Tweet, Facebook and StumbleUpon any articles you think are worthy. We’re working on getting all the old archives up and […]

Cards Diaspora Bruce Jennerizes Site

The first ‘real’ job I ever had was @ the May Company back in 2005. I was fresh out of College and ready to bend the world over and make it my bitch. But just as soon as I got her bra off… the world’s parents busted in the room and let me know they […]


On The Sixth Day of Crapmas…

On the Sixth Day of Crapmas… I believe it was 1997 when Upper Deck introduced Game Used Jerseys on their baseball cards.  I remember zipping through a ton of packs that year, hoping for a piece of Ken Griffey Jr’s jersey on my card.  Not only would I be the coolest dude in Jr. High […]


Fif Day of Crapmas – One Expensive Ring

I was halfheartedly looking to do something ring-related for today’s entry, but it appears I stumbled upon something more “investigative journalism”-related. eBay item #130347490158 is for a 2000 Memphis Redbirds Pacific Coast League Championship ring. It has a Buy It Now price of $1999.99. That’s reasonable, for a 10kt gold AAA championship ring of an […]

Fourth Day of Crapmas

I decided to give eBay a break for one day and look to the clearance section of for some crappy Cardinal gift inspiration. And I think radio broadcasts of old Cardinal games qualify as the crappiest of the crappy – especially when you see what instant classics they chose to sell. Now, I can’t […]