Brendan Ryan Traded To Seattle Mariners, Nation Weeps

Brendan Ryan is gone. Sunday the Cardinals traded the shortstop to the Seattle Mariners for a pitcher that probably will never wear a Cardinals uniform named Maikel Cleto, but if he does it won’t be in 2011. So for the purpose of this discussion, the Cardinals wanted to get rid of Brendan Ryan and they […]

ESPN Starts Pujols Contract Hype

Jayson Stark decided that the whole Werth/Crawford/Lee excitement wasn’t enough for the Hot Stove, kicked the rock the Cardinals front office hides under and flashed a bazillion watt spotlight right on them. “Just 10 weeks. That’s how long the Cardinals have to make all of this a moot point. If we’re still asking, 10 weeks […]

What MLB SHOULD Be Meeting About

The MLB Winter Meetings are transpiring in Orlando right now.  Mmmm. Smell the bureaucracy now. I bet uncle Bud is spinning yarns about the olden days where players were paid 10 thousand dollars a year… and LOVED it. Truth be told, I have no idea what happens in these ‘meetings’. In fact, an Uncle Bud […]


Does Tony LaRussa Matter to St. Louis Cardinals?

Tony LaRussa will be back in 2011 for another year as the Cardinals manager. Many were rapturous at this news. Many others, who happen to be more vocal, were more subdued. But at the end of the day, does it really matter? A short column in the Wall Street Journal by Christopher Shea has revealed that baseball […]

The Hooks Will Be On-Air Tonight

Because you can’t get enough of the nasal stylings of one athooks, you should tune in tonight to the I-70 Baseball roundtable. We’re going to be talking about all sorts of crap that you love, but hopefully we’ll also be able to squeeze in some discussion about how awesome I am as well. Truly a […]


Wrapping Up Pujols Week

Many props to HMW for “Albert Week”. He took an idea we had about a month ago to fill some time in these pretty boring winter months and slayed it. Hopefully you enjoyed most, if not all of it, but in case you missed something… Highlights of “Albert Week” + Hooks sings.+ Writers including Tim […]


BREAKING: Cardinals Sign Lance Berkman

The Cardinals and free agent Lance Berkman have agreed to terms on a 1 year deal reportedly worth 8 million dollars. There are no options and the contract will be fully guaranteed. Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has Tweeted that the Cardinals are now set with their lineup for the 2011 season and […]

Albert’s Future, Predicted By Better Writers Than Us

Like all good things, Albert Week had to come to an end eventually. Yeah, I’m shedding a tear too.  Since you’ve heard plenty from us this week, we decided to ask some of the heavy-hitters for opinions of what they think Albert Pujols will do by the 2012 season. Will he stay? Will he go? […]


Albert’s Song

We’ve had a fun week here at the CD, talking all things Albert.  It basically stemmed off the idea of photoshopping his head onto a shark, and we decided to actually work hard for once, giving you ten posts this week (one more coming later). Hopefully we entertained you a little already, and I think […]


From the Archives: Pujols Meets Hooks

We had a request the other day for the article about Hooks and Pujols hanging out at a fancy get-together a couple years ago. There were multiple comments from the ladies saying how nice Hooks looks, so please be sure to boost his ego once again. Come on girls, don’t be shy… Yes. That’s athooks […]

Through the Looking Glass

St. Louis, MO.  August, 2012.  Grey skies and a thick fog envelope the downtown city blocks outside of Busch Stadium, as garbage skitters across Ballpark Village Parking Lot.  The sour odor of decaying foliage and rust wafts through the air, as a steady breeze whips a tattered and faded 2006 World Series banner that hangs […]


Albert Week Mailbag: A Letter From The Cardinals

Can you believe this? John Mozeliak typed out a letter to us about Albert Week. It looks like all our hard work paid off! Sure Albert’s not signed, but for some reason, I feel really good in my pants about the Theriot and Tallet acquisitions now. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Anyway, […]


Random Photoshops of Albert Pujols. Just Because.

Well why the hell wouldn’t we have a post that just has Albert Pujols photoshops in it? It is Albert Week after all. See… Looks like Paris Hilton is a big fan of Albert’s first album “Mang In The Mirror”: The new currency for the City of St. Louis when it finally goes bankrupt?: And […]

Point/Counterpoint: Free Albert?

If you like knowing what local assclowns think about during the day, then you probably enjoy Cards Talk over at Okay, they’re not all assclowns – but the assclown population ruins it for those who want to pop in from time to time and see what the common folk are talking about. And every […]

Albert NewsWatch – Day Two

After lighting the internet on fire with our “Albert Week” kickoff and man-love letter yesterday, surely there had to be some reports of John Mozeliak putting the finishing touches on his PowerPoint presentation, or maybe even a small protest outside of Busch Stadium. Let’s see how we did: WHAT?! Who’s in charge over there at […]