Cardinals Win; Joe Kelly Has Super Powers

So your getting your ass beat all up and down the east coast the past 7 days.  The offense can’t score runs. The starters ERA for the week is over 8. Each day is a new scoop of humiliation in the season’s ice cream bowl.  It’s Labor Day now. And good, hard working people are […]


Busch Sees Some New Bush

UPDATE #2 – We’ve got some video: LINK HERE (NSFW-ish) UPDATE #1 – He’s got a Twitter:

Rick Ankiel Featured on NPR’s ‘This American Life’

It’s our legal obligation to report on any Rick Ankiel related stories we come across on this site. By now you’ve seen the highlights of what he did earlier in the week. Dude has an absolute Howitzer attached to his arm. LINK HERE But you might not be aware that he was the subject of […]


Some Words Then The Friday Links

It’s on.  The Cardinals are all in camp for the first full-squad workout of spring training with Lance Berkman the last to arrive. You know, because taking over a position you haven’t played regularly for years that used to be occupied by the second best player the franchise has ever known is whatever bro.  Carlos […]


Cardinals Lose Plurality; Gain Burnt Out Sign

St. Louis is becoming a town with a bunch of burnt out signs. First the iconic ‘Budweiser’ sign that resides in Soulard was feared to have been shorted out. But it turns out the Brewery is being cautious and keeping it off as the rain continues to pound the region, fearing that the water will […]

Hooksye West

Because waiting for stuff sucks, @athooks at his finest. (Click for video)


Year In Review: That’s A Wrap on 2011

So that’s 2011.  When this site started in 2006, the Cardinals won the World Series. 5 years later, the Cardinals won the World series again. Every hack column you’ve read about the year in review probably started “They’ll never be another year like 2011…” While that might be the most awful way to start a […]


Year In Review: Yes, We Really Went To The Bachelorette

We’re looking back that the year that was in 2011. Today? The Bachelorette.  “CD Crashes Bachelorette: Men Tell All” (08/01/11) LINK HERE I owe Fresh WC an apology.  Early in July of 2011, in the midst of all our Live Blogs on The Bachelorette, a friend of the site who happens to work for Disney […]


Year In Review: Joe Buck Hate

We’re continuing our Year In Review, looking back what was 2011 on Cards Diaspora. Today? Joe Buck hate.  “Joe Buck: Only Liked In St. Louis, Still” (01/27/11) LINK HERE Sometimes we know when we put something up on this site that it’s going to be a traffic boon. Albert Pujols articles pull in more people […]


Year In Review: The Cincinnati Toe Sucker

We’re continuing to take a look back on the year that was in 2011. Today? Toe sucking. “The Cincinnati Toe Sucker” (07/05/11) LINK HERE Sadly, this was the only post of the year to get linked to, one of the best sports sites ever. In the past we’ve had better years, but we’ll keep […]


Year In Review: Albert Pujols’ Contract

So, anything happen in 2011?  We can leave it to the professionals like Derrick Goold  to look back at the moments in 2011 that people actually remember. Here at Cards Diaspora, we’re going to take a more whimsical look back at the things people read on this site. “With Pujols, Maybe It’s Not About The […]


The Spirit of Giving Continues

It’s another giveaway from the people you put up with at Cards Diaspora! About a month ago, we were approached by the fine folks at Elasticity about Raffle STL.  It’s a raffle website benefiting St. Louis Men’s Group Against Cancer, with one of the prizes being a trip to Spring Training 2012. And for the […]


Holiday Greetings From The CD

A very happy, merry and healthy Christmas from your friends at Hopefully you enjoyed the 12 Days of Cardinals Crapmas. We should have some year-end retrospectives coming next week. As always, your support is the greatest gift we’ll get this Christmas. So thanks.   


The Twelfth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

Like the 2011 Cardinals season, let’s end the Twelve Days of Cardinal Crapmas with a ring:That’s an official 2004 National League Champions ring – a player’s ring no less. So why is this considered a crap gift, despite the eBay buy-it-now price of $15,000? A ruby logo bird is offset by a sea of real […]


Carlos Beltran Is Our Rebound Guy

95.  That’s the average amount of games that Carlos Beltran has played per season the past 3 years. As astute baseball minds know, that’s 67 games short of a full season and roughly 50 games less per year than Albert Pujols would have been in the lineup.  Herein lies the problem and the opportunity for […]