Contemplative Cardinal Guy

I'm not going to sugarcoat it… after all that drama in October, there is jack squat to write about in November. And maybe that's being kind. The news wires are filled with the lamest Cardinals news and various Bleacher Report slideshows. The Cardinals front office is on vacation. And the free-agent signing period is still […]


Chris Carpenter Might Just End NHL Lockout

If you've never been to an NHL game, you're missing out on a good time.  It's fun. Hell, it's real fun.   Watching on TV is OK. The big games and the playoffs are always good, but something about being in an NHL rink on a Saturday night is electric.   And thanks to the […]


Lance Berkman In The Booth? Yes Please.

So I'm trolling around some St. Louis Cards news on the Internet when I come across an article on SB Nation about Lance Berkman possibly heading back to the Houston Astros.  Gah. Houston? Those dirty dogs? I mean, I thought Berks got a taste of the filet and wouldn't want round steak anymore. But to […]


Big Mac Lets St. Louis Down Again

Big Make has, once again, left the yard.  After refusing the Cardinals contract tender, Mark McGwire is headed to Los Angeles to join the Dodgers as their hitting coach.    This will be the first time since 1997 that McGwire will wear another uniform other than the Cardinals.   Ok, ok. From 2002 through 2009, […]


Ernie Hays: Working Blue

Ernie Hayes passed away earlier this week at the age of 77.  If you went to a Cardinals game in Busch Stadium from 1971 to 2010, you've heard Ernie. He was the organist for the Cardinals (one of the few left in MLB stadiums when he retired) and was proud of his work, including making […]


The Ozzie Smith We Weren’t Supposed To See

Ozzie Smith is auctioning off his Gold Gloves, World Series rings and other memorabilia: LINK HERE PI Growing up we all had our 'guys'. I wasn't original in tapping Ozzie Smith as mine. After all, by the time I really started loving baseball in the early 90s, he was headed towards the twilight of his […]

Bitter Pill

A Week On? Not Better.

It's been a week.   A little under a week, actually. But as the Giants look to close out the week with their 7th straight win and their second World Series win in three years, do we differently about what happened to the Cardinals?   Yes. But mostly no.   For whatever reason (probably not […]

First Todd Akin, Now This?

Guys. Let's huddle up for a second. Because we need to cover a couple of things. 1) Don't be a homophobe. It's not a good look. Even if it's against your religious beliefs, keep it to yourself, not out on Twitter. 2) Twitter. Other people see this, you know this right? 


Choose Your Talking Points Carefully

Nope. Not feeling better about Game 7 today. Not in the least. Hard to turn on SportsCenter this AM and hear them talk about… well, a shitty Monday Night Football game. But STILL. They COULD have talked about Game 7 and that would have been the PITTS.   Listen, before we become fully entrenched in […]


NLCS Game 7: Beat. Beaten. Battered.

Wasn't that fun?  It was the last game in the National League for 2012. From April 4th to October 22nd, its members played games to decide a champion. And with the brightest spotlight being shone, the Cardinals wilted.   In order, the Top 5 Most Awful Things About Game 7:   5) Allen Craig.    […]


NLCS Game 6: Carp Cooked

If you're going to put a face on the rise of the Cardinals from contenders in the early 00's to consistently playing for Championships, it'd probably have to be Chris Carpenter.  Pujols, obviously, was a HUGE reason, but Carpenter is still in St. Louis and will finish his career as a Cardinal. When we look […]


Predict GM 6 Score; Win NYT Cardinals Special Edition

We did this give-a-way a while back, and it actually turned out pretty cool… so our friends at offered us another copy of the St. Louis Cardinals NY Times historical paper.  What is it?  "The St. Louis Cardinals Historical Paper consists of 63-pages of commemorative New York Times headlines, articles & photographs about the Cardinals. Celebrate all […]


NLCS Game 5: Put The Champagne On Ice

The Cardinals have played 173 games in 2012 and last night's loss was, by a wide margin, the worst.   Obviously the comedown from expectations of popping bottles to icing bottles is severe. That has to be a factor in making this statement, but it was more the amalgamation of all the worst parts of […]


Trumbsy: “Will You Marry Me, Adam?”

Oh man. Did you guys just SEE that?  I am so in love with Adam Wainwright right now that I can’t even stand it.   I’ve decided that when we get married (BECAUSE THAT WILL HAPPEN), Yadier Molina is going to be my maid of honor.   And I think Pete Kozma and Matt Carpenter will probably […]