The Pros & Cons Of Jhonny Peralta

Much to the dismay of moralists and lexicographers in St. Louis, Jhonny Peralta is a Cardinal.  4 years and $52 million dollars is what it took to lure the free agent most recently employed by Detroit to come south to St. Louis. He was not tendered an offer by the Tigers, so the Cardinals will […]


Peoria Chiefs Auction For Tornado Relief

About 11 miles to the east of Peoria, is Washington IL.  As you read this, over 400 people in that community are without a home… having it destroyed by tornadoes last weekend. Don't take my word for it, though – look at the pictures here.  It's going to be a long road back for many […]


Chris Carpenter Retires From Baseball

Over 5 different seasons, Christopher Carpenter made 7 starts.  Not 7 starts per season. In 2003, 2007, 2008, 2012 and 2013 he was able to take the ball to start a professional baseball game for a Cardinals, a team that had playoff aspirations, a TOTAL of 7 times. Yes, I'm aware that Mr. Carpenter retired […]


Cardinals Are MVP Homers

From Regressing: We've long had the belief at Cards Diaspora that awards for individual players aren't worth having arguments about. Good on Molina and Carpenter and any other Cardinal that gets an award or consideration for one. Generally that means they helped contribute to wins during gameplay. But getting worked up over them? We'll pass. […]


Cards Steal Brewers Groundskeeper & Friday Links

Perspective.  As Cardinals fans it's sometimes hard to gain. 2 NL pennants. 1 World Series championship. 6 playoff series wins (not even counting the win against Atlanta in 2012 as a 'series'.) And, that, my friend, is just the past 3 seasons.  Go ahead and ask you favorite baseball pundit who they think will be […]

Jack Buck & Harry Caray Recap The 1964 Season

The offseason. It's the time of the year where we can fully mine the internet for hidden gems. And today, I think we've uncovered a good one. We can't confirm where this audio broadcast aired (KMOX?), but we do know that it's a radio special that Mr. Jack Buck and Mr. Harry Caray did where […]


Results Of Stan Musial Auction

Early in October, the Musial family and Heritage Auctions announced that they'd be holding a Stan Musial memorabilia auction and earlier this week, the final bids were accepted.  Hundreds of people participated in the event, but the fact that you haven't been contacted yet probably means you didn't win. It's OK, baller, you'll get 'em […]


Will Pujols Ever Play At Busch Stadium?

I was at the mall Sunday when a friend asked me about plantar fasciitis.  "Isn't that the foot problem Albert Pujols had" she wondered. Actually, yes. He tried to play through it for years. Which in turn led to a partial tear of the left plantar fascia this past July and shut him down for the […]


Playing World Series Catch-Up & The Friday Links

It's been over a week since the Cardinals lost the World Series.  We're finally OK enough to start sifting through some of the rubble and seeing some stuff we've missed during the party. The good thing about the internet? It NEVER forgets. So let's look at three stories that we overlooked… 1) The Stock Market […]

30 For 30 Shorts: The Schedule Makers

Do you watch the 30 for 30 documentary series on ESPN?  If not, you should. Because they're good. The same people have also created an off-shoot series of shorts that tell stories that might not be worthy of a full length feature, but are great at 10-15 minutes.  The most recent short is about the […]

Tulo 2-1

Stop It With The Tulo Stuff

It's become canon around The Nation.  The T-O-P priority for 2014 is shortstop. The Cardinals need one. The Rockies have one.  We are all keenly aware that the Danny Descalso / Peter Kozma double team that the Cards went with most of 2013 season isn't commiserate with the aspirations of a team poised to win […]

Adron Chambers: A Moment Remembered

The dog days of summer were setting in. It was August 13th and the Cardinals were in the midst of pretty brutal homestand, losing 3 out of 4 to the Dodgers before dropping 2 of 3 from the Cubs. They had fallen 3 games behind the Pittsburgh Pirates for the NL Central lead with the […]

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Poll: Shelby Miller for Starlin Castro?

So this is interesting.  Probably more than unfounded rumor but definitely less than close to anything resembling serious. Starlin Castro for Shelby Miller (plus another prospect, probably).  If I'm being completely honest with myself, Castro was one of the best Cubs to make fun of. A franchise-type talent… but so Cubbish. The kind of guy […]

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What Are The Cardinals Telling Us?

You might have heard… Shelby Miller didn't really get much playing time this postseason.  And by much, we mean he got to warm up in the bullpen when the Red Sox were two outs away from clinching the World Series, presumably to show people he wasn't dead. Then Bernie Miklasz went ahead and dropped this […]


Nope: Still Not Over It

Nope.  Not much better today. Not much better at all. Thanks for asking.  All the car flipping. The late night batting practice. It all stings. Hell, I even had a pretend argument with myself during a long drive where I imagined that the 2014 Cardinals beat Boston in the World Series, but all the Red […]