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Tommy Herr: Wine Rack Salesman

While on Twitter, in the ‘Who To Follow’ box, I see Tom Herr.

Makes sense. I Tweet about the Cardinals fairly often. I have a Cardinals blog. Tom Herr used to play for the Cardinals… YAY Algorithms!

I click to see what Mr. Herr is up to.


Looks pretty standard to me. Former teams listed, it what, I assume, are in descending order of importance.

But what’s this ‘’ URL that his profile links to?

Pretty nice wine racks!

The page also has an ‘About Us’ page:

“ is located in Lancaster, PA. and is owned and operated by Twenty8 Enterprises LLC. Here at, we are happy to offer a fine selection of Table Top Wine Racks, Wall Mounted Wine Racks, Wine Cellar Racks, Wine refrigerators, and wine accessories. We are avid fans of Wine Racks ourselves and are constantly seeking new products to add to our selection. In fact, if you have a suggestion for our product line, or a question,  please send us a message at and let us know what it is.”

According to Bizapedia, this Twenty8 Enterprises has been around 8 months as an LLC and is active. Tommy Herr wore 28 as a Cardinals player.

Tommy Herr is in the Wine Rack business, friends. I think we’ve put all the clues together.

And not being an oenophile, I can’t say for sure where these racks rank on the spectrum of wine display stands, but I like them.

If this somehow gets back to Mr. Herr, I’d strongly suggest a 2 for 1 deal, but only if you mention ‘Ozzie’ at checkout.



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