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Randy Moss + The Friday Links

Randy Moss. Now that you’ve got him on your mind, click on this link and remember that sometimes – just maybe – things aren’t always as they appear. You weren’t expecting that story, were you? Maybe I’m a sucker. But I just love stories like that. Oh, and this happened the other day. Pretty cool, […]


Matt Adams Is Gone For A While – What’s Next?

Matt Adams is out indefinitely with a torn quadricep and will not be back with the Cardinals for an estimated 3-4 months. Surgery is possible. No, Adams wasn’t lighting the world on fire through the first quarter of the 2015, but he was a threat to go deep on a team not bereft with home […]


Matt Holliday: The Leaderboard Lifer

Matt Holliday reached base for the 42nd straight game to start the season. Only Albert Pujols has equaled that feat to start a season for the Cardinals. And he stands only 11 off the modern baseball record: Cardinals fans have always had a bit of a hard time putting Matt Holliday into perspective. But I […]


Jaime Garcia’s Start Tonight Is Huge For Cardinals Season

The Cardinals have been scuffling as of late. They’re 5-5 in their last 10 games played and suffered their first 3 game losing streak of the ’15 season last week. Saturday night’s loss was particularly tough to swallow, since it was a 1 run game and the Cardinals still had 12 outs to try to […]


Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day 2015. Honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States of America and made it possible to enjoy all the great things that this country has to offer. Thank you to all that have served, are serving or will serve. Thoughts to all that have lost a loved one while they […]

The Friday Links

Lettterman’s Final Montage + The Friday Links

David Letterman aired his last ‘Late Night’ show on Wednesday. Like him or not, he’s had a huge influence on the way comedy has evolved over the past 30 years. You know all those prank videos on YouTube that are super popular now? Dave’s fingerprints. A small example, but one of many. And his final […]


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of The New York Series

A split in a 4 game series on the road is what it is. You’re exactly where you were before you arrived, but 4 games later in the season – the baseball equivalent of pounding the running back into the line early in the game to tire the defensive out and hopefully generate a breakthrough […]


Here’s A Radical Idea For The Cardinals Rotation

That loss. Please don’t blame that loss on anything other than bad hitting. Grichuk 0-6 Carpenter 0-6 Holliday 1-6 Heyward 1-5 In total the Cardinals had 23 LOBsters on the night and could only muster 1 run over over 14 innings of play. The only positive any Cardinals fan can take from Monday night’s tilt […]


Braves Pulling Ahead In Heyward for Miller Trade

I did it. You probably did too. I tuned in for the last inning of Shelby Miller’s no-hit bid yesterday afternoon. I’d like to think I was just a curious baseball interloper taking the time out of my day to see a small bit of baseball history. Since 1901 it’s only happened 240 times, right? […]

The Friday Links

Wild Boars + The Friday Links

I don’t know how this happened. I don’t want to know why this happened. But it happened. Now, The Friday Links… Skinny jean cops. LINK HERE Now that’s a prank. LINK HERE Wal-Mart baby. LINK HERE Kids today (Scroll down). LINK HERE Bluegrass GoT theme. LINK HERE Relationships. LINK HERE That’s it. That’s the […]


Cards, Somehow, Win That Series In Cleveland

In the past 2 games, the Cardinals have made 54 outs. Strikeouts have accounted for 30 of those outs. THIRTY! This bout of fungo futility has appeared from nowhere. Even when you include the past two days, the Cardinals still rank 20th in MLB in strikeouts. At 243 team strikeouts, they’re 17 below the NL […]


Cardinals Find Themselves Playing In A ‘Hat Tip Game’

For the Cardinals, the 2-0 loss to the Indians on Wednesday night will go down as one of 60-80 losses that they’ll incur over the course of the ’15 season. For Corey Kluber? It will be the highlight of his baseball playing life. A game that will be remembered by a generation of Indians fans […]