Everyone has a hobby. Some people read in their spare time. Others watch sports and place bets at the site to bet in Naija or play online games. But if you’re like us, you like to share your thoughts in your blog. But can you do if there are no ideas for a new post? These tips will help you get your creative juices flowing! 

Create a Mind Map

This is a graphical diagram, which can be drawn by hand or in free programs, such as Coogle or MindMeister. It is better to use different colors to highlight each new topic.

In the center of the map, write a general theme of the site or blog and think of associations to it. At first, the topics will be wider, but soon they’ll get more precise. 

Look for Inspiration Everywhere 

You can get it not only from literature or sites, but also from films or music. Even quotes from great people can inspire you. 

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to memorize all the ideas that will suddenly visit you. So always write down the topics that come to your mind. For this purpose, use a notebook, or any application. The main thing is to make it convenient.

Share the News

The audience is interested to know what’s new. Write about last research or analyze recent polls. Users will be interested to know a brief summary of news for the week.

Write about Your Experience

Personal stories will interest readers regardless of the subject of the site. For example, think about the difficulties you encountered during your work and tell users how you overcame them. 

Do not forget about your readers

Ask what subscribers are interested to know, and tell them about it. You may conduct a survey among users or read comments.

The main thing is not to give up halfway. Sometimes the right thoughts come when it seems that all topics have been used.