The Cardinals Make A Ton Of Money And Have Spectacular Fans

At least that’s what Forbes says. Who are we to argue? First, the fans part. It’s based on SCIENCE! We gathered five fan consumption criteria: hometown crowd reach (defined by Nielsen Scarborough as a percentage of the metropolitan area population that watched, attended, and/or listened to a game in the last year), three years worth […]


‘Who’s Who In Baseball’ Turns 100 Years Old

‘Who’s Who In Baseball’ – the venerated, red-covered annual – is on store shelves now. And it’s celebrating 100 years of publication. The content (and cover) haven’t changed much over time. Ed Sherman (of The Sherman Report) wrote a piece celebrating the publication. Right in the middle is an Albert Pujols anecdote that should make […]


7 (Non-Headlining) Bands To See At Lolla 2015

For most of us, Lolla came about 10a yesterday and ended about 10:45. Unless you have a Chase Bank card, then move along – nothing to see here. Sorry bout it. The cheapest you can get the 3 day pass on StubHub right now is $365 and once the snow finally melts in Chicago, those […]

Cardinals-Cubs Season Opener Averaging $208 on Secondary Market

Every year it seems the St. Louis Cardinals have the odds against them. They lose Albert Pujols in free agency one year, their pitching rotation isn’t strong enough another and their offense just won’t cut it the next. Despite experts routinely raining down on the Cardinals, they’ve been to the playoffs in each of the […]


Random Money Items For Those Who Like Money

Like any good baseball nerd, I was trying to figure out just how to contextualize just what a bargain the Cardinals are getting paying John Lackey only 500K this season. After all, he’s a bulldog who’s pitched 117 innings in the postseason alone (posting a 3.08 ERA, BTW). Plus he’s just the right type of […]


CD BS Detector Update: Down To The Sweet 16

48 of the 63 games in the NCAA Tournament have been played. Seeing that the Kentucky Wildcats are on most of your championship lines, this was the year to really go for it during the first two rounds and hold on for the overall win. Let’s check in and see who did what: These are […]


The Week That Was In Cardinals Spring Training (Part V)

You’ve got a job. Maybe kids. Maybe school. And 1,000 other things to worry about – it’s hard keeping up with all the stories coming from practice baseball camp in Florida. We’re here to help. Let’s take a look at the news that made news this past week that was in Cardinals spring training. Story: […]

The Friday Links

Maturity + The Friday Links

When I was in high school, I, um, lacked maturity. For the sake of my mother, we don’t need to revisit any specific examples, but needless to say, I had about 1/1000th of the global foresight and compassion that these two kids have. I just thought the video below was really awesome. And they probably […]


Our St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Ballot

Voting is now open for the 2015 St. Louis Cardinals HOF. You can vote HERE. The players eligible for the 2015 induction are Steve Carlton, Bob Forsch, Keith Hernandez, Mark McGwire, Matt Morris, Edgar Renteria, Ted Simmons and Joe Torre. The two players with the most votes will be inducted. You can vote for two. […]


The ‘Trade Jaime Garcia’ Bandwagon Has Left The Barn

As we outlined yesterday, the Cardinals starting rotation options are more bountiful than anticipated. With Marco Gonzales and Carlos Martinez cost-controlled for the near future and Jaime Garcia sticking the Cardinals with a 9.25M tab for services rendered in 2015, I assumed that Garcia would be called to the trading block sooner than later. This […]

GONZO (1280×720)

Cardinals Starting Rotation Race Is Getting Good

Better get your popcorn ready. The Cardinals have 5 starting pitching spots open. The Cardinals have 8 players that are building strong cases for those 5 spots. Adam Wainwright will make his first spring training start on Saturday. So the staff ace seems to be progressing to the point where he’ll miss only a start […]