Joe Kelly Removed From Game With Hamstring Injury

Joe Kelly. He ‘won’ the 5th starter position in Spring Training, beating out Carlos Martinez, who had the better statistical camp. The 5th spot was opened up with a injury to Jamie Garcia. Kelly appears to have pulled his hamstring in the bottom of the 4th inning of today’s game against the Brewers trying to […]

Ticket Stub

Forbes Says Yankess @ Cardinals Is MLB’s Most Expensive Ticket

It’s Jeeetah. It’s CC. It’s the New York Freakin’ Yankees. And they’re coming to St. Louis May 24-26th to make sure that Mr. Jeter gets a lifetime supply of Imo’s gift cards and miniature arches to put in his overnight party gift bags. Interest in ‘The Captain’ and his teammates is red-hot. According to Forbes […]


Game 14: A Picasso

42 was pretty good for the Cardinals tonight. True, every player was wearing number 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson, but in way, it’s still true. This was a dominant team effort by the Cardinals against the division leaders on the road. Shelby Miller went 6 innings, struck out 7 and tallied his first win […]


John Mabry Spurned Role In Moneyball

In 2011, Columbia Pictures released ‘Moneyball’. The movie, starring Brad Pitt, was based on Michael Lewis’ 2003 book, which was based on the Oakland A’s 2002 season. It has grossed over 110 million dollars and was nominated for 6 Oscars (Best Actor, Best Picture). People, I promise you there was a time when making a […]

Top Paid

How Many Cardinals Made The Top Earners List?

Zero. Neither did any Blues or Rams players. The Cardinals are not the Phillies, after all. And we should all be thankful. ESPN the Magazine did an interesting data visualization to show the highest paid athletes in the world, sans endorsements, and then broke it out by MLB/NHL/NBA/NFL as well. The Phillies have 3 of […]


Game 13: Brewers Come Face To Face With Reality

The Cardinals were 14-5 against the Brewers in 2013. A pretty absurd mark against a division rival. (They managed 12 wins against the Cubs, 11 against the Reds and 9 against the Pirates.) The Brewers were little brother and the Cardinals were holding the ball above their head, laughing as they tried to jump up […]


A Recent History Of Cardinals Ejections

Matt Carpenter… come on down. You’re the first Cardinal ejection for 2014! The Cardinals only had 7 total ejections in 2013: 4 by manager Mike Matheny. 1 by Yadier Molina. 1 by Daniel Descalso. And 1 by John Axford. And while it looked like home plate umpire Bob Davidson was about to run Mike Matheny […]

Tony LaRussa Speaks On Instant Replay


“One thing I’d say to John — and I’d love to talk to him because I have great respect for him — is that, in fairness to the process, we need to keep working at it,” said La Russa, the Hall of Fame manager who helped devise the new replay system for Major League Baseball.

“I don’t know what the period of time is, whether it’s a month or six weeks or whatever it is, but we all have learned from what we’ve seen.

“… But I think it’s premature to say the process isn’t going to work or he doesn’t have confidence in it because, in my opinion, the process has been really remarkable in how well it’s worked so far. I’m amazed, in fact, that we haven’t had more hiccups.”


Nikko Smith

Public Service Announcement: There Are 2 Nikko Smiths

Shamefully, is on the regular rotation of sites I take a peek at when my brain needs a break for a couple of minutes. I’m not proud. I’m also not going to stop. So when the screaming headline says “Nikko Smith in Sex Tape” (SFW-ish)… it’s my duty to check this story out. After […]

Ozzie & Nelly-1

You Decide: Misspelling or Trying To Be Cute

Ozzie Smith is hosting a concert at the Peabody Opera House to support PGA Reach. Some light research on PGA Reach doesn’t turn up much. They don’t show up on Charity Navigator and their mission statement is fairly vague: “[PGA Reach] focuses its resources and volunteers on keeping kids in school.  As part of that, […]


Cardinals Extend GM John Mozeliak’s Contract

From the not shocking announcement department: The Cardinals have extended John Mozeliak’s contract through 2018, a two year addition to his previous contract. He has worked for the Cardinals in different capacities for 19 years and as the General Manager for the last 6. In 2013 the Cardinals were named as MLB’s Organization of the […]

Sad Cubs Fan

Cardinals Fans: You Need To Root For The Cubs This Weekend

Friends, we’ve won. Let me back up. About 6 weeks ago, I moved to Chicago. Spring Training was in full swing and not a small part of me was ready to get in the belly of the beast and start talking baseball with differently minded people. If we’re being real honest with ourselves, the conversation […]

Friday Links

The Friday Links

It’s not everyday when a piece of journalism comes through and takes 20 minutes to read, but you wish it would last longer. Steven Godfrey writing for SB Nation dominated this piece about college football’s ‘bag man’. Basically it’s how athletes get paid and programs get good. And if you like college sports in the […]