The Cardinals Have Terminated Their Director Of Scouting

Cardinals Scouting Director Chris Correa was a rising star in MLB circles. Earlier this afternoon the Cardinals fired Scouting Director Chris Correa. The team has confirmed the firing to the Post-Dispatch, but did not reveal the reason he was terminated. It’s widely speculated that this is relation to the ongoing hacking scandal the FBI is currently […]


Sale Meets The Cardinals And Finally Douses Their Hotness

Chris Sale joined some very elite company tonight: The only other pitcher to accomplish this feat was Pedro Martinez in 1999. He ended up fanning 12 on the night and pretty much making anyone not wearing #15 look foolish. And if it wasn’t a forgone conclusion that Sale would get there, it wan’t a longshot, […]


Some Cardinals Good Reads

Perfect day for an off day, right? Just let us all kind of sit back and soak in all the good vibes that are swirling around everything and anything Cardinals related. Endless awesome Tweets are abounding. But if you’re in the mood for something a little more meaty, then here’s a couple articles that I […]


Bob Costas Tried To Liven Up A Game And It Didn’t Go Well

Here’s what he said: That’s a burn. 3rd degree. And Costas has already apologized to Pedro Strop after everyone seemed to be offended. One of the Internet’s favorite go-to’s is ripping on whatever national announcer is calling whatever game is being aired. It’s a mild miracle that Joe Buck is even able to smile, let […]


That Was Fun

X gon give it to you: Couldn’t have said it better, Mr. Scruggs. This is, that was, indeed, fun. I’d even be willing to escalate that to ‘very fun’ or ‘real fun’ if you’re so inclined. What was the most fun? A strong case could be made for this Jason Heyward leather flashing slash slip […]


Your Cubs Primer For This Weekend’s Series

The Cubs and Cardinals haven’t played since May 7th and the Cards are 4-2 against their NL Central rivals so far in 2015. Things have changed since the beginning of May. Let’s run through some of the topics that you’ll be wondering about the Cubs as a Cardinals fan. Kris Bryant Mr. Bryant was only […]

The Friday Links

Jon Hamm Saves STL + The Friday Links

Jon Hamm. The hero that St. Louis needs… and deserves. Now, The Friday Links… Thug life. LINK HERE Reverse Centaur. LINK HERE Getting them off is the problem. LINK HERE Motorboat spray. LINK HERE Flying cat. LINK HERE Yoga vs Vodka. LINK HERE That’s it. That’s the work week. The Cardinals have a chance to […]


Cardinals Are Against Downtown STL Sales Tax

Downtown STL, baby. Home to a kick-ass library. The best BBQ in the world. An iconic piece of architecture that’s soon to get the grounds it deserves. And of course, the new(ish) Ballpark Village. Which proves that STL people will actually hang around downtown and spend money if you give them a place to hang […]


When A Cramp Is More Than A Cramp

Jaime Garcia lowered his ERA to 1.69 and earned his 3rd win of 2015 Wednesday night in Miami. And on Thursday morning when I went to look at to see if I’d missed anything overnight, this was the top of the homepage: The WWL was sitting on that David Schoenfield piece and after another […]


The Cardinals Investigation Might Hurt In Unexpected Ways

The Cardinals continue to play baseball. It’s what they do. And no matter the outcome of the FBI investigation looking into Cardinals front office personnel who (allegedly) broke into the network that contained Houston Astros private internal data, it won’t effect the 2015 Cardinals. The NY Times is reporting today that the investigation has zeroed […]


Follow This One Simple Rule To Beat The Marlins

The Cardinals have an easy series win if they remember this SIMPLE rule: Do. Not. Pitch. To. Giancarlo. Stanton. Your browser does not support iframes. That’s some Mark McGwire circa 1998 power right there, kids. And just like the ’98 Birds, it’s all about Stanton while the team slogs behind. The Marlins are now 12 […]


Cardinals Fans Have 14th Worst Grammar In MLB

The Cardinal Way doesn’t include proper writing, apparently. The Wall Street Journal has teamed up with a company we should be working with called Gammarly to find out who the best and worst MLB fan bases are when it comes to spelling, punctuation and grammar. And, no there isn’t a mistake in that previous sentence. […]