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Future Rams Ceremonies + The Friday Links

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. Did you have a good one? I hope so. I was watching SNF during halftime when the Packers had a nice little ceremony for Brett Favre, admiring how they went through the trouble of creating a custom raised platform out of the Green Bay logo. It got me to thinking… […]


5 Highlights We’re All Thankful For In 2015

The 2015 season didn’t end particularly well for the St. Louis Cardinals. But over the course of 101 wins in 166 games, the Cardinals did some pretty cool stuff. We went to the tubes and found 5 fond memories from this past summer/fall and posted them below. I think we should be pretty darn thankful […]


Happy Skanksgiving Everybody!

Ed Note: This article was originally published in 2008 on Cards Diaspora by Mountain Fresh (nee Fresh WC) after the devastating news that Rusty’s, an Edwardsville IL ‘Skanksgiving’ tradition was shuttered. For whatever reason, this article got put up in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 and by giving it some run again, we’ve […]


The Cardinals (Might Be) Interested In Ben Zobrist

Gather ’round the stove, children. It’s hot. That there is e.e. cummings… errr… Jon Heyman of CBS Sports tossing out a casual Tweet about Ben Zobrist so Cardinals fans can have a healthy side of debate with their turkey tomorrow. Is it true? Do the Cards really covet the Royals free agent? Who cares! Let’s argue!! […]


A Cardinals Watch That Includes Busch Stadium Dirt

Things are looking up for the 2015 gift giving season. In the past, we’ve been known to highlight the lowlights of Cardinals merchandise that inevitably will end up in some poor saps stocking. But as the shopping season ramps up, we’ve already seen at least one item that’s pretty dope… Watches filled with Busch Stadium […]


Cardinals Winter Warm-Up Tickets On Sale FRI (NOV 27)

That little dusting of snow over the weekend – it get you missing summer yet? Might be time for the Warm-Up. Today the Cardinals announced the on-sale date (and information) on their annual St. Louis Cardinals Winter Warm-Up. Tickets will go on sale this FRI (NOV 27) @ 10a CT. From the press release: Winter […]


Cardinals Have Had A Talk With Chris Davis

The Cardinals have reached out to Chris Davis through his agent Scott Boras, according to FOX Sports reporter Jon Paul Morosi. From his post: The Cardinals, sources say, are intrigued by Davis’ ability to play first base, third base, right field and left field. He started games at all four of those positions during his […]


Cardinals Opening Day 2016 Date & Time Change

The St. Louis Cardinals were originally scheduled to open the season against the Pittsburgh Pirates on MON APR 4th, but ESPN has expanded their Opening Day coverage and moved the date and time. NEW opening date/time is SUN APR 3rd @ 12:00 CT (in Pittsburgh). The Cardinals will once again be the very first game of […]

The Friday Links

Coca-Cola for $0.05 + The Friday Links

Did you know that from 1886 to 1959 the price of a bottle of Coca-Cola cost the exact same price? $0.05. If you need to something to listen to this Friday that’s going to make you a more interesting person to talk to over the weekend, check out the podcast below that explores the story […]


Mike Matheny Does Not Win Manager Of The Year Award

Joe Maddon of the Chicago Cubs has been named NL Manager of the Year for 2015, an award based on the regular season and voted on before the playoffs start. +++++ Here are the final standings for the NL Central division of Major League Baseball: Here is a chart where you can see that amount […]


So Mark Buehrle Wants To Pitch For The Cardinals

Are we finally drawing near an end to the longest flirtation in MLB history? The Toronto Sun is reporting (?) that Blue Jays free agent pitcher Mark Buehrle will either pitch for the Cardinals in 2016 or take his toys and go home: Come April, unless someone comes over the hill, the Jays will start […]

The Friday Links

Where Are Ü Now + The Friday Links

I love several things about this NY Times Arts video. LINK HERE Maybe you don’t like Biebs. Or that song. But – for me – that’s an awesome web page layout plus interesting content. A homerun. Now The Friday Links… Noisy neighbors. LINK HERE Cheating pro. LINK HERE The actual internet. LINK HERE New white/gold […]


Lance Lynn’s Injury Somehow Increasing Cardinals 2016 Expectations

Lance Lynn’s surgery (and subsequent year long placement on the DL) so early in the off-season is having a ripple effect that starts with the Cardinals starting rotation and extends throughout Major League Baseball. +++++ The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Lance Lynn is a starting pitcher. He is injured and will […]


Veterans Day 2015

2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. Today is Veterans Day. Thank you to all the members of our armed services that fought then and now. +++++ Last night I had the opportunity to go to an event in Chicago that honored living WWII veterans along side with survivors of […]