Arbitrary MLB Over/Under Wins Predictions

Las Vegas has released over/unders for MLB wins in 2016. Let’s go through the entire list, make some picks and then see how well we did come October. Just so you know, outside of the NL Central and other splashy free-agent signings, I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about here. So DON’T actually bet […]

The Friday Links

Kanye West + The Friday Links

So, that #YeezySeason3 event. Can we fast forward to 2019 so we can get Kanye on the campaign trail? Now, The Friday Links… Mindful graffiti. LINK HERE Brontosauri. LINK HERE You want cake, eh? LINK HERE Very true.


This Monday’s Bachelor Will Feature A Date @ Wrigley Field

I’m not (generally) one for spoilers on The Bachelor. I don’t follow Reality Steve on Twitter. I shut down office conversations that invoke his name. Minor spoilers ahead. So if you want to stop here, no offense taken. Understood. +++++ This Monday, Ben will have a 1/1 date with JoJo at Wrigley Field. According to […]


Cardinals 2016 Offensive Steamer Projections Not Awesome

So this whole ‘one week until Spring Training’ got me excited! Fired up! Turnt! Then I looked at the Steamer projections for the Cardinals in 2016. Not to go full Deb Downer on you guys, but I kind of forgot that the Cardinals didn’t do anything to improve their offense in the off-season while simultaneously […]


Should The Cardinals Re-Sign David Freese?

We’re a little over a week from having pitchers and catchers report to Jupiter, FL and open Spring Training for the Cardinals. That’s cool. I took some time away this past week figuring that not much would happen. And judging by the Google News feed for the Cards,’nothing’ might be an overstatement. In fact the […]


Vacation Almost Over

Probably should have posted this a week ago, but vacation time is almost over. No Bachelor stuff this week, just in case you were wondering. Carry on.


The Bachelor Live Blog: Episode 5

This was a Judge Smails episode. Two boilerplate 1/1 dates. Only one moment that really made us want to crawl in a hole and die. Plus a part II? Ugh. They can’t all be winners. I don’t blame you if you stop reading now. Nothing below is all that good. Sorry. Frontrunner: JoJo – I’m […]


Maybe The Baseball Prospectus List Is More Important Than We Think?

Last week Baseball Prospectus released their list of the top 101 prospects in baseball. Maybe you’re into prospect rankings. Maybe you could give a rip. Here is the complete list of St. Louis Cardinals on this list: #10 Alex Reyes (RHP) I checked twice. And Reyes is the only Cardinal ranked. He is also going […]

The Friday Links

New Cards Spring Training Unis + The Friday Links

Here are the uniforms that the Cardinals will be wearing in ’16 Spring Training: That’ll play. Here’s more detailed information about MLB’s coordinated effort to make Spring Training gear a thing. FWIW (Caps only)… PRO: Blue Jays, Rays, White Sox, A’s, Padres, Brewers ANTI: Dodgers, Mets, Diamondbacks, Rockies, Tigers Now, The Friday Links… Why wouldn’t […]


Could The Blues Be The Next Team To Leave St. Louis?

On January 6th 2012 I wrote a piece for SB Nation titled ‘Will We Regret The Day Shahid Khan Was Blocked From Buying The St. Louis Rams?‘ Less than 4 years later, the Rams are no longer a team that plays football in St. Louis. I’m wrong all the time. And – candidly – I […]


The Bachelor Live Blog: Episode 4

Saturday Night Live tried a Ben Higgi spoof this week, did you see? Selena always wins. As she should. Frontrunner: Rachel – It’s not over until it’s over. Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. Some other inspirational quote here. Current Location: Las Vegas, NV (Aria Hotel & Casino) Not Extended A Rose: Haley, Rachel, Amber 3 […]


Tony LaRussa Gives Tour Of Cardinals Locker Room

Found something on YouTube, friends. This Tony LaRussa video was published around 3 months ago, but was shot sometime after the ’11 season. Let’s take a look: Candidly, I’m not sure what’s going on here. I mean, yes, I know what’s going on here. It’s a tour of the Cardinals facilities let by Tony […]

The Friday Links

Jenny McCarthy’s First TV Spot + The Friday Links

One of my buddies from work retired recently after nearly 40 years grinding. He had a distinguished career, but one undisputed highlight was discovering Jenny McCarthy and putting her on TV for the first time. We all start somewhere. Congrats, Ron. There’s about a 0.00% chance he is using his extra free time to […]